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Too Many Carbs?


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I'm on Day 5 and after a rough day yesterday having had very little carbs at breakfast, today I had a small sweet potato roasted with 2 poached eggs, an avocado, some arugula and carrot soup for Meal 1.

For Meal 2 I'm planning 3 chicken thighs with a lot of roasted cauliflower and a medium sweet potato roasted. Everything roasted in EVOO.  Meal 3 will be the same as Meal 2. 

Without the carbs, I feel full of vegetables which for me is a cross between hungry and full so I feel like I need the carbs. But is this too much?

I'm not aiming to lose weight. I'm aiming to get a handle on my eating habits and emotional eating. 

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If you're eating the cooking fat (ie: scrapping it onto your plate) then yes, that's fine... basically you want to judge how you go between meals and if you're not getting the 4-5 hours, play around with fat :)  Fat doesn't make you fat so if you added avocado or a dollop of mayo, that would be okay too :)

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