I can't sleep past 5:30am - HELP!


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I'm now on Day 23, I feel pretty good in general.  By adding a ton of greens such as zucchini and Chinese kale, my stomach is happy again :)

I had a crazy hungry weekend but did not binge and only ate food that were good (olives, fruits, and veg as snacks).  I feel so proud of myself for coming this far and my relationship with food has improved dramatically!  I still cannot believe this!  I'm eating amazing food, feeling full and satisfied while my clothes are fitting so much better...why didn't I get into this earlier?????

Anyway, back to the issue - I often fall asleep by 10 or 10:30pm nowadays but for the past week or so, I keep waking up at 5am!!!  I tried going to bed later (11 or 11:30pm) but the same thing happened.  I was up by 5am and was so tired in the afternoon...anyone experience this?

Is the Tiger Blood kicking in a bit too early in the morning?  Haha...I don't know but I just wish I can sleep in until 6:30am or so and make it through the day in the office without being so fuzzy.  Thoughts anyone? 

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, saraip.  I had a similar problem when I did my first Whole30 in January 2016.  One of my non-scale victories was that I had consistent energy throughout the day, which was great until that consistent energy showed up when I woke up in the middle of the night and then could not get back to sleep.  I posted on the forum here and was asked the following questions (in addition to being asked to post a few days' worth of sample meals):

  • Are you eating enough in the morning?  Not eating enough for breakfast can affect your sleep.
  • Are you eating enough fat?  Even if you use fat for cooking most of it does not make it on to your plate.  
  • Are you eating too much fruit?  Sugar cravings and sugar sensitivities can also affect sleep.  

I stopped eating fruit for breakfast and occasionally used Natural Calm supplement, both of which seemed to help me.   

I know how frustrating losing sleep can be; I hope you are able to figure out something that works for you soon!

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@junit_jess Thanks for your reply!


I "think" I'm eating enough in the morning, I usually have 2 eggs, either hard boiled or scrambled with lots of veg, then coconut milk as my fat.  I have been increasing my fat intake, we use animal fat and olive oil for cooking, and I alternate coconut shreds and nuts (or pesto) on a daily basis as the fat portion of each meal.  I keep reading that nuts aren't good for you so I've been decreasing that.  As for fruits, I actually don't have cravings for it anymore or even sugar.  I might have a few servings of fruits a week...which is usually a couple bananas and apples. 

Last night was slightly better...I woke up at 4am to use the bathroom, but I was able to doze on and off until 6:15am!  Hurray!  

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Some people find they sleep better if they have a serving of starchy vegetable with their last meal of the day.

Other fats include olives, avocados, and mayo or other sauces/dips.

What you do starting in the morning does actually affect your sleep, so try to eat your first meal within an hour of getting up, and try to get outside in the sunshine early in the day. There are tips in this article that may help as well.

If you're keeping a log of food & exercise (not a calorie counting type log, just a way of tracking what you've eaten), you might start jotting down how you slept each night as well, and see if anything shows up. For instance, maybe different exercise routines changes things, or maybe eating certain foods helps or hinders your sleep.

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Hi @ShannonM816 & @MeadowLily

Thank you so much for your replies!

I think I was stressed...as well as PMSing (which I had no idea of because it's 10 days early!)  It must be the changes in my diet and hormones are adjusting.

I planned out all my work and studies, told myself that I am actually ahead of schedule, that night I slept quit well!  I did not leave my bed until after 6am :)

I am also a coffee drinker, I usually have a nespresso cap at 7am and maybe another one in the afternoon, depends on how I feel that day.  :D

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 I have permanently changed my waking hours since my first Whole 30.  I consistently get up by 6 am, but in the summer I was getting up about 5:30.  I had to change my bedtime to about 9-9:30 to get enough sleep.  I think I woke up at first because I was hungry but now after learning to  have a carb and fat snack before bedtime, I am not that hungry but still have become a morning person.  You could try going to bed a little earlier so you get enough sleep if that is possible in your life. Try powering through the afternoon for a few days and not taking a nap and you may be able to sleep better. 

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Hi @violetta :)  Thanks for your note!

I sleep at around 9 or 9:30pm each night, latest was last night, around 10:30pm.  I have still been waking up early which is fine - I'm less tired at this stage.  I'm at the office all day so no time for naps, wish my boss would let me...haha!

Anyway, today is Day 30 - I have accepted that my sleeping hours are now from 9:30pm to approx. 5:30am, Mon - Sun.  I actually quite like the mornings because of the peace.  I usually just sit, read, and enjoy my coffee.


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