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I want freedom and a new lifestyle.


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I am a 51 year christian woman that is more than 50 pounds overweight and feel terrible both physically and emotionally.  I am addicted to processed food and sugar.  I WANT and NEED a change.  I have done whole30 before and it works but I slipped back into my old habits.    This time I don't want to just get through 30 days, I want to establish new habits. I want to find recipes that I enjoy and that I can use for the rest of my life and fix when my adult children come home.

I'm hoping this blog/forum will give me an opportunity to share my journey, feelings, and receive support. 

Dear Father, be blessed by this journey.

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I am a 48 year old mother of 3 (21, 18, 16) who really needs to get a grip and face the fact that the 30 extra pounds I'm carrying did not get there overnight and it will take more than 30 days to get it off.  

I too need to establish new habits and ditch some bad ones.

I am addicted to the habit of alcohol.  I enjoy wine/beer too frequently throughout the week and it needs to come to a stop. I DO believe it drives my eating habits - no drink = super duper healthy, conscious, clear headed, positive vibes.

drink = poor dietary choices (Pizza and beer are married ya know?) , cast all fate to the wind, foggy thoughts and maybe a little grouchy ;)

I teach middleschool! I never have a hangover - but even 2 glasses of wine or beer can dull the senses the next morning. (oh - not drinking on the job.....just the lingering affects of the night before.)

It's relaxing.  It tastes good. It's relaxing.


GOD gives us the strength if we meet our weaknesses and confront them.  

I NEED the change - it's harder to WANT the change.  Vices are vices.  

I am journaling my journey on the thread called Over 40 for Whole30? .... I think that the journaling will help me think things out better.  

Hop on over and feel free to vent !



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