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Too Much Food?

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I'm on Day 8 and I feel like things are going well so far. I have moments (like right now) when I long for fruit after a meal but it's not so overwhelming that I succumb. So that's good!

I'm eating 3 meals, no snacking and while I'm not starving after 5 hours, I am definitely ready to eat again. I'm worried I'm eating too much though and hanging on to some bad habits like eating as I cook. It's usually 2 raw carrots instead of eating the meal as it cooks (like I normally wood). But, is that something I should nip in the bud?

Also, can you tell me if my typical meals are too big? Everything is salted:

4 poached eggs + 3/4c sauteed kale (in EVOO, garlic and salt + 1/2c sweet potato roasted (in EVOO and spices) + 1/2 avocado + 1tbsp red onion 

1c mixture of ground beef, canned tomatoes, carrots, garlic & red onion (cooked in EVOO) over 1c sautéed kale and 1.5c zoodles.  

Salmon fillet (cooked in EVOO) + 1 poached egg + 1/2c roasted sweet potato (in EVOO and spices) + 1c arugula + 1tbsp red onion

any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

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Your meals don't look bad... I would suggest trying to find a way to get more green veggies in there (that's what keeps things 'moving').  You could try taking the sweet potato away at breakfast and put more green veggies.

Your lunch looks good, I'd just make sure that you're adding fat (the cooking fat is left in the pan and split by the portions so you're not getting very much).

Dinner has very little veggies and if you feel you can't eat more, play around with losing the egg (depending on how big that salmon filet is).

You're definitely not eating too much :)

As for the cooking snacks, it sounds like you're probably eating it out of habit than out of hunger... if that's the case, ditch the habit carrot :) Putting things into our bodies out of habit instead of nutrition/hunger/need is a habit worth breaking :)

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Thanks for replying. I'll try to add more green veg and cut back on the sweet potato.  

This morning I had sautéed kale, 3/4 avocado, 3 poached eggs and broccoli. It was a bit hard to get down so I will play around with different veg.

And, yes... I kind of knew snacking while cooking needed to be nipped in the bud. It's just one of those things I needed to hear. So, thank you again :) 

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