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just a rant really

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I just need to vent somewhere....I and simply sick and tired of feeling like feeling good is so fragile for me. I feel good when I eat whole30. I did good reintros and know that I should avoid milk and gluten and for the most part I have. I know that too much rice or corn causes some bloating and gas. This is all good information and for the most part I have felt good. I love whole 30 and am glad to know it is there as a fall back and I work towards my own food freedom.

All great and then there is this... I miss one day of one medication (prevacid) and its not even my fault and I am sick for almost two full weeks. I am going to try and get off of some of the medication I take for IBS with the guidance of my doctor but I was soooo sick. A swallow of water caused horrible pain anything by mouth caused horrible pain and sudden intense acidic diarrhea. I just hate feeling like any little thing I am starting over. I don't like feeling sick or like feeling good is so fragile and easy to lose.

I know I am just ranting but surely I am not the only one this happens to....am I

thanks for listening

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On 11/28/2016 at 10:10 AM, weezieduzzit said:

I'm just sending you a great big hug. Being sick and tired of being sick and tired is so frustrating and I think a lot of us got here the first time because we were feeling the same way with our personal situations. Stick with it, its worth it because you are worth it. 

Great post weezieduzzit! Let me join you in giving Babsie95 a hug.  I hope you're feeling better since November.

Yep. I'm on day 22 and definitely sick and tired of some issues that seem to be taking forever to resolve.  I'm committed to sticking with the plan and have actually added on an extra 15 days just to be sure and give my body time to adjust.  I can certainly identify with feeling discouraged since my journey isn't yielding amazing results (yet).  I'm keeping a journal of what I eat and how I feel so I can learn.  Reintroduction should be an eye-opening experience. :blink:

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Just adding on I hope you feel better too!  I hate being sick all the time as well.  My issue is sinuses I believe, although I'm trying to whole30 to see if that helps.  I get sick ALL the time, crashing and sleeping for days because my body just shuts down or I can't lift my head out of bed because it's just so foggy / heavy and I'm so congested.   


So yes!  Glad it's helping! 

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