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Red wine might not be my friend anymore


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I am thrilled with my Whole30 results and am excited about this new lifestyle with more energy, better mood and a healthier body.

Here are my results:

  • able to lower all medication dosages
  • clear skin
  • more outgoing
  • happier/less irritable
  • no sugar cravings
  • everything tastes better/more flavorful
  • kicked my Splenda "addiction"
  • no arthritis pain
  • never got sick (even though everyone else in my family did)
  • lost 10 pounds (and never felt hungry after the first few days of sugar withdrawal) 
  • I like people - lol! 

Last night I started my reintro with a half glass of red wine.  To my chagrin and disappointment, I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. I didn't have a single headache throughout the entire Whole30.  Anyone else experience this? What did you do?  I have a huge wine cellar - this is NOT good news...help me through this...Do I try again?

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Hi there! So I tried white wine and it gave me such bad sugar cravings that I had to step away from that also for the time being. I think maybe if limit a small amount of white wine to when I'm eating high protein food it could work. But no headache with the white wine.

What was your experience?

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you may have to give up red wine competely - depends if the headache/hangover is worth it?  the alcohol will affect you in different ways, you might make poor food choices if inebriated.  remember, it took your body a whole life time to get used to the levels of alcohol consumption that you had prior to W30 - you'll have to build back up to it slowly, if you really want to.  Alcohol has hidden calories, hidden sugars, can have grains/gluten, sulphites, etc.  I find that drinking at least a pint of water before bed helps to reduce an alcohol headache, mostly because the headache is caused by the dehydration.  Did you get the alcohol sweats?

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