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So, I did my whole 30 and completed it 3 days ago.  

I felt fantastic.  I never napped with the children.  I became more productive.  And then today my therapist agreed that there are no signs of my post part depression, that I am doing so well, that if I can keep this up for another two months I can come off the medication.

This is a big deal. 3 years I have been battling PPD, then grief, then prenatal depression, then PPD again.

I wanted to celebrate this.  I took my daughter out to a restaurant.  I had a great whole30 compliant meal.  And my girl offered me a bite of her bagel. It didn't taste that great.

Later, I saw her halloween candy.  And I thought, the bagel didn't taste great.  I wonder if the chocolate doesn't either.   Not it didn't.  I spat it out in fact.  Gross.

Later my friend came over to celebrate me feeling great, and being on top of my mental health.  One glass of wine.


Well.  I am now sitting here.  4 mini bars of candy eaten. 1.5 glasses of wine.  Half a plain bagel.

And I feel sugar honey iced tea.  


Funny.  Out of everything I had.  It was only the wine I enjoyed.  And it was nice, because before I would drink a bottle. This time I just, really enjoyed sipping and savoring.


I gave the full details really for anyone else who "fell off the wagon" so to speak.  It was so easy to just tumble, and keep rolling.


Anyways.  I am sitting here bloated, serious headache, and feeling frankly rather sick.    Nothing is worth that.


It was 1 day.  But quite the indulgent day.   Do you think I need to do another whole 30?  Or a 10/15/20?   
I want to give the reintroduction a real try, and figure out which culprit gave me the headache, and which one made me bloat.  I would like to be truly intune with my body.

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in effect you reintroduced several things in one go - I'd take a week back on full W30, and then do reintroductions in a structured way.  If you can isolate what you reintroduced in that one day, then you could leave those for the full 30 days before reintroducing them, and do reintros of anything else earlier... unless you did everything in one day, in which case a full 30 days is probably a good idea.

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