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Hi All - For the past month I've been reading material on Whole 30. There are things about it that are quite intimidating for me, I must admit. The cooking, the shopping, reading labels, the prep time, meal planning, prep time. Oh, and did I say prep time? But, I'm tired of being tired. I have a hard time sleeping. My energy level is at an all time low. My blood pressure is high, which it's never been before. I feel bloated all the time. I'm tired of complaining and I'm ready to commit.

I just bought all of the kitchen supplies I'll need. I spent an hour making my shopping list (a first for me), two hours shopping.... I hope this gets easier.... and I won't even say how much the grocery tab was. :)

I'm staring Sunday, November 20th. I just returned from vacation at Disney World. I turned 50 while we were there. I'm ready to do this. Scared? Yes. Excited? Yes. 

I bought a prime rib for Thanksgiving. I hope my family knows I'm serious. I'm thinking about making my own meal aside from the rest. I know everyone will be like "oh come on... you can have a slice of pumpkin roll. It's Thanksgiving!" And I'll say, "thank you, if I want one, I'll have one." Hows that?

Any suggestions on where to get support and encouragement are greatly appreciated. I'm ready to rock and roll! 

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Hi, bees! First, yes, the grocery shopping does get easier -- and it'll probably be a little cheaper too, if you had to buy a bunch of oils and spices and those type of pantry staples. Those will last you for a little while, you won't be buying them every week.

A lot of traditional Thanksgiving foods can be altered to be Whole30 compliant -- roasted sweet potato instead of candied yams, or these green beans rather than the traditional green bean casserole with cream of something soup and fried onion bits. I wouldn't necessarily do it to all the sides, but you could do a couple of them and just say you're trying a new recipe, and then you'd have food you can eat too. This blog post or this one (not the desserts, but I think all the others are Whole30) have some more ideas.

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