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Hi there, 

Im a newbie here, just started the program. im on my second day and so far so good, i am finding it a little challenging  as i work in a supermarket and all i see is junk food, and im a big chocolaholic as well. currently experiencing sugar cravings and i feel like im not gonna make the next 27 days. i have xmas parties coming up and they go over my program.. so any advice? i want to stay commited, ive made plans of what im going to eat at those parties, but im worried about temptation. 

Thanks :)

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Hi, Chaliahs. In general, be sure you're eating enough at meals -- that will really help you not give in to junk food, since you'll be satisfied from your meals and won't be hungry.  Don't worry if it feels like more food than you usually eat, it's okay. All the food you'll be eating is healthy, nutrient dense food that is making you healthier, and it's okay to eat as much of it as you need to.

For the parties, it's probably best to eat before you go so that you won't be as tempted by the food. If they're potluck style, you can take something Whole30 compliant so there'll be something you can have. If they're not pot lucks, and you don't necessarily have control of the food you'll be getting, in addition to eating before, try to take something with you in case you do get hungry and there's nothing you can have -- something discreet that you can tuck in your purse, like some jerky or an epic bar or some carrot sticks.

While you're at the parties, remember that the point of a party is to socialize, not to eat -- try to stay as far away from the food as you can, and find some people to talk to or dance with or whatever there is to do that isn't eating.

It is very, very difficult to do Whole30 through the holidays, especially if it's your first time doing one. Do your very best to finish the whole 30 days, but if it gets to be too much, remember that you can always start over -- many, many people have a false start or two before they get through their first Whole30.

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Thank you for the reply. 

Good thing is i can take my own food to this xmas party im going to in a week so that will help. And ill definitely focus more on social side of the party keep myself distracted from all the cakes lol.

And ill do my best to complete the program. 

Thanks for the advice 

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