Could Dairy really do THAT?

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I finished my whole 30 a few weeks ago. I reintroduced dairy by having cheese on my salad and some greek yogurt. I had some stomach pains and some diarrhea the following day but not too horrible. I was having a sour stomach a lot because I was eating too many nuts so I wasn't sure dairy was the culprit. I greatly reduced my nuts for a week and felt great again. Then I had a couple pieces of pizza as my gluten reintroduction the next week and was fine. Didn't sleep great but no other symptoms. I was surprised because I really thought gluten was the problem for me.

Fast forward another whole week just eating paleo to my kid's birthday party. I was amazed how easy it was for me to turn down chips, cake and the calzones I made myself. So at the end of the day I thought to myself how about I try dairy again since I had nuts under control. I had a small sized bowl of ice cream. Again, I didn't sleep well at all. Then I started having major stomach pains in the morning and then the diarrhea started and continued all afternoon, into the night and is continuing this morning. It is BRUTAL like can't leave my house brutal!

I am just wondering if this is a stomach bug because I have never had any Gastro issues with food. I started paleo because of muscle and joint pain and insomnia(and it has been amazingly effective). I guess I don't understand the science behind my reaction. And I feel a little conflicted about the possibility of paleo diet leaving me in fear of ice cream.

Do you think it really was the ice cream? Why would that happen?

Thanks for the help!

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My guess is that it is not just the dairy. You might have a small problem with dairy at this point - like the one you had after eating some cheese and Greek yogurt - but not a problem that lasts more than 24 hours.

What happens physically is that your body loses the gut flora used to digest dairy when you don't eat it for a long time. If you eat some, your gut cannot fully digest it and you may have diarrhea. But the problem should be relatively short-lived. You pass that serving and you are done. Ongoing problems suggests a stomach bug or other issue.

Some people lose the ability to digest dairy even when they eat it regularly. Those are the lactose intolerant.

Dairy can be problematic even when you can digest it - influencing insulin, hormones, etc.

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I have had similar experiences. I had some homemade ice cream as my first reintro to dairy and suffered from diarrhea the next day. I had cheese on a burger a week later and had some discomfort & gas, but nothing terrible. I had also been traveling when I had the ice cream, so that could have added to the effects whereas the cheese was more of a "normal" situation.

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Timely post!! I started re-introing on Tuesday. I ate a chicken dish out for lunch that had a little butter in it, and probably a little honey. That night I got a small Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, done breve style (with half and half). I drank about 1/2 of it. Didn't seem to notice anything immediate. I did feel bloated and a bit gassy yesterday, so I ate Whole 30 style yesterday. This morning my husband made me a homemade decaf latte with grassfed heavy cream (no sugar or other sweeteners). It tasted soooo good. But an hour later I had sudden and *major* diarrhea. Ugh. So was it the dairy? I would have maybe thought it was the sugar + dairy on Tuesday, but this morning I have had no sugar.

Prior to Whole 30, I ate dairy fairly regularly. Never noticed any digestive issues because of it. I wasn't planning on eating it as often now, as I am concerned about the insulin issues. But I was hoping I could do a bit of grassfed butter and the occasional grassfed, organic, heavy cream in coffee. Do you think it is likely just a temporary issue because of my gut flora? I guess I will wait a while and then try again, in case it is just a stomach bug. How many days should I wait before trying to intro again?

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