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Day 31! I did it!


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I'm so thrilled to say that I have successfully completed the Whole30. Day 31 feels great! I hadn't weighed myself before starting the program, so I don't know exactly how much weight  I lost, but I'm sure it is somewhere around 10-15 pounds. I have lost a size, my cravings are gone, and I'm excited to enter my Food Freedom phase! Reintroduction begins with a glass (or 2!) of wine tonight. Thanksgiving is throwing my schedule off a bit, but I'm going to try to adhere to the recommended reintroduction schedule. Here's my plan:

Day 31: wine!

Day 32: Whole 30

Day 33: Whole 30

Day 34 (Thanksgiving): Wine and gluten (must have stuffing and pie!)

Day 35: Whole 30

Day 36: Whole 30

Day 37: Going to a dinner party, so we'll see what is there and what else I may or may not introduce

The most exciting thing is that I am feeling confident that I can continue to make good choices. When following past programs, I have binged and gone back to super unhealthy eating as soon as it is over. Even though I'm done with my Whole30, I'm just going to continue the general practices I've learned. I can't wait!

This forum has helped me over the past month - so many thanks to all of you!!

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Thanks, nicolelw8! I did enjoy the wine, but was amazed at how I felt afterwards. I definitely had a bit of a head ache last night, didn't sleep as well as I have been sleeping, and woke up with terrible dry mouth. I used to have a glass or two of wine almost every night, and never noticed any effect. I will definitely still have wine on occasion, but will be more thoughtful and deliberate about it. Very grateful for this program!

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