A little afraid of Thanksgiving...


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Tomorrow is my day 30 and I'm totally stoked about it! I'm feeling better physically and emotionally. I'm a fulltime working mom and grad student, and I was really eating my emotions and decided I needed to get myself under control. This is my second W30.  I truly did not plan for my W30 to end right before Thanksgiving.  I'm looking foward to not really "worrying" about making sure there are compliant foods, but I'm also worried about going hog wild and feel to consequences later. Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up I really don't want to fall apart. Any advice or encouragement? I've mentioned in other posts that I work at an elementary school and we have treats in the lounge at least twice a week.  I've managed to steer clear and say "No thank you." I een brought a compliant roast and potatoes to our potluck today! :) Anyway, I'm just afraid that once day 31 hits I'm going to lose my mind. 

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Hi bjyoung116,


I am with you on Thanksgiving. While I am not completing a W30 right now, I still do not want to go overboard during holiday season. I have fallen a little off track recently, and am trying to stick to a W30 plan as much as possible. I have been thinking about a few strategies myself, and here is what I came up with:


  • Plan ahead for Thanksgiving meal and decide what might be "worth it" before sitting down. For me, its homemade rolls and pecan pie. Otherwise, I am going to stick to turkey and veggies.
  • Know what holiday parties you have over the next few weeks, and pick which ones might be special, if any. Often time the food isn't anything special and work parties, especially when compared homemade goodness of holiday meals at home. I just keep reminding myself that nothing is as good as what I will be served Christmas Day.
  • I find being empty handed at a party leads to bad decisions, so I like to have a drink in hand. I happen to do just fine with one glass of wine, which also makes me feel like I am taking part in whatever is going on. Maybe for you, it's having a glass of seltzer with fruit juice in hand.
  • Random treats in the office during this time of year is the hardest, and I don't have a perfect strategy, other than I try to avoid the office lunch room as much as possible. In fact, I even find ways to avoid eating with everyone because I know I have a hard time resisting food in those situations. It may be anti-social, but I have found this line works: "I really want to use my lunch time to take a walk, I just can't sit down any more today"


Good luck! And congrats on completing your 2nd W30.

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Great advice from ElizabethG. I also am finding myself in the same internal struggle. Melissa has some good advice for the holidays in her book. Plan out when your parties are going to be. Decide your "worth it" foods ahead of time. Eat as many or as little as you need to satisfy your need. In between parties, just default back to your reset and eat as compliantly as possible. That will help preserve all those good feelings you have from your reset yet giving you a chance to exercise your food freedom during your worth it moments. As far as work things go, those foods are typically never as good as homemade. Bring your own lunch even if they are doing a pot luck. Definitely the random candies and pastries that hang out at work aren't worth it, you can get those any time you want, even the special Christmas colored ones :) Every day is a learning process with this. Every bite is an experience, an opportunity. If you bite something and find it's not worth it, don't finish it. Check yourself too, be honest. Are you feeling out of control as you wolf down those cupcakes? Maybe tell yourself no treats for 3 days until you get yourself in check. Those kinds of things seem to work for me so far. Being mindful and keeping eye on the prize! :) Happy Holidays!!

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