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Post W30...Fodmaps Sensitivity? Everything Sensitivity?


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Hello! I finished my first W30 back in August. It wasn't until I followed low FODMAP while on W30, however, that I truly began to have relief from my years of digestive problems. 

I began reintroduction and, following expecting FODMAP guidelines, I had no reaction to rice, corn, peas, quinoa....but felt some twinges with gluten, dairy, legumes. 

Since reintro, I have followed W30 as much as possible, with exception of FODMAP grains such as rice, quinoa, corn. I was even able to manage gluten and dairy a few times with no apparent reactions. Just a treat here or there. 

I was doing fine until recently when I seem to be sensitive to EVERYTHING not w30 all over again. Quinoa gave a similar gluten reaction with 2 days of headache and sickness. But I'm still the typical FODMAPs sensitive....no avocado, onions, etc. 

Can I really be sensitive to FODMAPS and even FODMAP friendly items (grains)? I dont know what to diagnose myself as anymore.....should I follow low FODMAP? Should I follow strict W30? 

Am intolerant to EVERYTHING? Is this a sign of leaky gut...something else? The doc keeps urging me to follow low FODMAP but even that is too liberal of a diet for me right now. 

Please help! THANKS! 

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I am no expert but from what I understand of the gut, if your gut flora is out of wack it makes digesting certain foods difficult to impossible. Even foods that you have had no issue with in the past. But once your gut has healed you may be able to reintroduce some of those foods again. But the problems can keep coming back if you keep getting infections, overgrowth, or harmful bacteria in your gut. You may have to do another reset to give your gut time to heal from whatever is upsetting it and then keep paying attention to what that might be in the future. (even non-food triggers can affect gut health like stress and lack of sleep)

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