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Heather's WHOLE 30 -start 5/9


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Start weight 116lbs

Breakfast: eggs scrambled with sliced applegate hot dog in ghee

black coffee

1 pear

Snack: coconut water (nixing this after today)

Late lunch: Tilapia and broccoli lightly sauteed in ghee

Snack: kiwi

Snack: banana bread Lara bar

Dinner: two hot dogs, organic girl super greens, avocado oil/mustard vinagrette, fresh strawberries

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Day 2: woke up much easier than I have in a couple of months.

Breakfast: hash of grassfed ground beef, onion, kale, egg in ghee/olive oil

black coffee

Snack: iced green tea

apple slices with almond butter

fresh pineapple slices

Snack: Chicken/bone broth

Dinner: Super greens salad w/ bacon, hard boiled egg and avocado oil/olive oil/mustard vinagrette

Fresh strawberries

1 slice pineapple
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Make a plan. Maybe if its not too rude, perhaps you could bring some of your own food (and some to share!). Just let people know what your doing.

I did this with a work get together. It was a potluck and I just told people what I was up to and, poof!, suddenly I had 15 people all supporting me. All were supportive and I felt like I had a team looking out for me and what I ate.

Good luck.

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Also, if the beer is a big deal figure out now what you will be drinking. Consider soda water (unsweetened) with lime, tea... or something else that you can hold and walk around with.

It helps me a lot to eat and be full before I go to something like that. Taking your own food is also a good idea. If you can, take a really yummy Whole30 friendly thing so that you will look forward to eating and enjoying it!

Good luck! Enjoy your Whole30!

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Chicken/bone broth soup w/ kale, baby carrots, bits of chicken

Black coffee

Snacks: fresh strawberries, raw baby carrots, organic beef frank,

slices prociutto, fresh pineapple slices, pineapple lara bar

iced green tea

Lunch: salmon/tuna sashimi w/ lemon

Small bowl bone broth with large handfuls supergreens thrown in

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Thanks Karottop. I gotta keep it easy.

Wow, Emily, I was thinking someone would ask that question. You may have guessed...

Totally went off track. I had worked really hard all week and then worked a good shift Saturday until the afernoon, ran home and cooked food for the party real quick, ran over to the party, started to kinda chill, and....looked around at all the gumbo, corona, steamed crawfish, green chile huspuppies, ice cream cake- and my brain screamed "summer party!". Stayed until 10. And then mother's day brunch at a new bakery/cafe.

So I've been spending the last day or two trying to reset my motivation to start again. I want to start over today. I REALLY want to do the 30 days. I had a massive sugar/wheat hangover (only had 1 beer, but my body doesn't like it). All the good energy and feeling clean that I had built up (suprisingly quickly) went out the window. Woke up with clogged ears and runny nose.

Well, the positive, at least I started feeling better so fast that I'm looking forward to starting again and feeling awesome by this weekend. And then I may have to post a little extra so as not to weekend cheat. In the past feeling better would have taken MUCH MUCH longer, but I gave up MSG and artificial sweetener and a bunch of other stuff 6 months ago. I eat very low grains, cheese is hard. Seeing a difference is great though, it will be nice to pinpoint what bothers me more specifically.

Sheesh...thanks for asking!

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