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3rd time's a charm, right?


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Beginning take 3 of the Whole30 tomorrow, 11/23.  My first try began on 11/13, and I screwed up on day 3 by having alcohol.  My second try began on 11/18 and lasted until today, when I ate dried apricots for a snack, got suspicious about the ingredients, and sure enough "sulfites" are off-limits.  So clearly I don't have a great track record with this, but at least I haven't gotten too invested in it before screwing up. 

The good part is that I feel like I have a better handle on the rules now.  I'm also about to go on break from college, and I'm excited to be able to cook my own meals rather than searching for Whole30 approved food in the dining hall and ending up with a dressing-free salad (such a sad meal).  Surprisingly, even though I had such a sweet tooth before I started this, I seem to have lost a lot of my cravings even after only 5 days.  This is great motivation to finish all 30 because I want to develop better eating habits than I've had so far since starting school (I didn't know the dining hall had so many vegetable options until I stopped eating pizza at most meals).  

Anyway...happy round 3 to me? 

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