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Halfway through first W30 and still second guessing some choices


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I'm 25 years old and am on Day 17 (yay!) of my first Whole30. I started with the hopes that this sort of "elimination diet" would help me figure out triggers to my near daily headaches and frequent migraines. I've also had the worst acne of my life the last several months and nothing seems to get rid of it. Weight loss would also be wonderful but I'm trying not to get my hopes up- I would like to lose about 30 lbs (I weigh 170 and am 5'2), and have been an obsessive calorie counter in the past when dieting. I know I have an unhealthy relationship with food, and use it as a source of comfort.

I'm definitely noticing a reduction in headaches (taking ibuprofen maybe 1-2 times a week, as opposed to before was more like 4-5 times). I'm sleeping better and my skin seems to be a little clearer. I skipped through several of the early "phases" such as the hangover and intense cravings, but the feeling of bloating and abnormal indigestion is still happening on and off. Also, I was snacking almost every day at the beginning (which was always necessary pre W30 to stave off headaches and hangriness) but am not needing to most days anymore. 

I'm hoping to get some advice from members as I'm still not sure if I'm doing this totally "right". I read the W30 book but haven't been following a meal template as much as just making sure I'm eating balanced meals. I was a vegetarian for the past year before starting, and now I'm wondering if I'm eating too much meat/fats (bacon after a year of meat free is the most amazing thing ever). I also feel like my meals are so large, I'm always full after, not uncomfortably, but this is not a feeling I usually associate w/ dieting. Am I over doing it? Here's the last few days....


Sunday (Day 14)

B- Three egg omelette w/ onions and peppers, leftover roasted white potatoes w/ olive oil (about 1/3 plate full)... I had skipped dinner the night before and was ravenous, so this is an abnormally large breakfast 

L- Not hungry from big breakfast, had a small handful of olives

D- Zucchini noodles (2.5 cups probably) with compliant tomato sauce, four beef meatballs 


Monday (Day 15)

B- Smoothie (which I have most work day mornings, I know this is not great but I don't have time to make breakfast) made w/ 3 cups spinach, banana, clementine, blueberries

L- Leftover zucchini noodles, 3 meatballs, sauce

D- Stir fry made w/ chicken in olive oil and coconut aminos, onion, pepper, mushrooms, garlic, almonds over 1 cup cauliflower rice made w/ ghee


Tuesday (Day 16)

B- Smoothie w/ 3 cups spinach, banana, whole avocado, cup of nectarine slices

L- Leftover stir fry w/ half cup cauliflower rice

D- Roasted butternut squash and apple (filled 1/3 of plate), 2 eggs fried in ghee, 4 slices paleo bacon

S- Kombucha (sugar free) in afternoon... been having this quite often because of stomach upset


Wednesday (Day 17)

B- Leftover squash and apple, 2 eggs fried in ghee, 4 slices paleo bacon

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You're not overdoing it, Whole30 isn't a "diet" in the sense of cutting back calories or fat grams or carbs, it's just eating healthy foods in sufficient quantities to keep you healthy and active. Your meals should easily keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time -- if they're not, they're probably too small. Do try to follow the meal template.

When eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which is probably 3-4, possibly even more. Bacon is more a fat than a protein, so it's fine to have, but don't depend on it for a large part of your protein serving.

The thing about smoothies -- first, the body doesn't process calories we drink in the same way it does calories we actually chew, so it's possible to eat as much or more in a smoothie than you would in a meal, and still get hungry faster. Second, if you look at your smoothies, there's lots of fruit, some veggie, no protein. It's likely to keep you craving sugar, and it can contribute to a quick jump in blood sugar levels, followed by a crash. If you don't have time to cook a breakfast each morning before work, you can still make ahead frittatas or egg muffins or have leftovers or make meatballs or salmon cakes to have, keep pre-chopped or even pre-cooked vegetables on hand -- even portion them out the night before so if you're really running to get out the door you can just grab them and go. There are quick and easy options other than smoothies. Give some of them a try for the rest of your W30 and see if it makes a difference for you.

As far as the bloating and indigestion, since you were vegetarian and are now incorporating meat, it's possible you might find digestive enzymes helpful -- this article talks about them, although I'm not sure if the brand mentioned is still Whole30 compliant, at one point I think they'd changed their formula. You might also try to incorporate more probiotics, either in the form of a good quality pill or from other fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, or other fermented vegetables.

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