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College Student starting Nov. 28!


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You might find some of the tips in this article helpful, although they're less about food and more about trying to fit in Whole30 and school and work and other wants and needs.

There have been other college students who've done Whole30 -- you can find some of the past discussions about that here.

In general, for anyone who is eating food they aren't preparing themselves, whether it's in a college cafeteria or a restaurant, you're going to have to ask lots of questions about ingredients and how foods are prepared. For instance, you can't assume that grilled chicken is safe, because it could be marinated in something that contains soy or sweeteners. The food service people should be able to tell you all that information -- it may even be available online somewhere (it's been a long time since I was in college, online wasn't a thing then, but I would imagine it's easier for them to put it online once than talk to every student with food sensitivities and allergies individually).

There are several downloads here -- if you end up talking to someone from food services one on one, it might be helpful to have the rules printed so you don't forget anything, and for yourself, you might want to look at the Dining Guide, which is geared toward dining in restaurants, but should have helpful tips for you as well.

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Talk to the food service manager in the dining hall that you use. When I was in college Sodexho Marriott was the caterer in the dining halls and they had all kinds of services and guidance for people with food allergies, sensitivities, dietary limitations, etc. I'd go during regular daytime hours, ask for the manager, and see if you can sit down with them or schedule an appointment with someone who can help you meet your goals. You might be surprised by all of the information and flexibility they can offer.



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