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the best intentions.......

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I am traveling for Thanksgiving.  I shared with my family my Whole 30 plan and had a good deal of support.  I made Whole 30 compliant sides and my sister in law roasted the turkey.  Lots of work and effort but I was determined.....no wine, no pie, no mashed potatoes, green bean casserole--any of it!  I had a plan!  Before dinner, we congregated for happy hour and and Cowboys football.  I made Whole 30 deviled eggs and skipped the Brie hors d'oeuvre.  Without thinking, I grabbed handful of roasted cashews...like 8-10 and enjoyed them and then had a sinking feeling.   I asked my sister in law where she got them and she showed me the container......roasted in peanut oil :(  Ugghh.  Day 18.   Do I start over?  Devastated....and now its affecting the rest of my trip.  Feeling so discouraged......because in a split second, i feel the work was lost on an impulse.  

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