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Late to the party!...Started Nov. 16th!

KrisAnn Snow

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Ho boy. I NEVER join online forums or blogs but this is a different rodeo for me. The questions, the blogs, the recipes, and the community are helping me survive.

I'm doing Whole 30 to help clear up my acne. I've had issues for over 10 years and I'm ready to see it finally go away. Also I definitely have an emotional relationship with food. As a nurse, I eat when I'm stressed and eat when I'm happy. Its a vicious cycle. 

Today is Day 12.

Brain fog: check...I put a napkin in the freezer yesterday.

Carb cravings: check...I've had FOUR very vivd dreams about bread and chocolate chip cookies. 

Thanksgiving: check...I cooked Thanksgiving dinner 100% Whole30 compliant...pretty sure I get a trophy.

30th birthday is Wednesday: check...gifts I'm giving myself include: food freedom and clear skin. 

I'm hoping this program will change my life. I'm ready to finally see a difference. 

Bring it on Whole30 and bring it on 2017. 




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11 minutes ago, KrisAnn Snow said:


Brain fog: check...I put a napkin in the freezer yesterday.


OMG! This is awesome! I am on day 7 and good lord do I want to crawl up on my desk at work and take a nap!!!

Good luck with your adventures :)

Feel free to pop over and join us in the starting 11/21 thread. It actually has a big mix of start dates and your welcome pop in.

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