Dining out at a Steak House


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a dinner just got set tomorrow with a client at a steak house and while i thought i would be ok, i'm now panicking. WHAT DO I ORDER?? what do i tell the waiter, what do i need to be specific about? help!!!!




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This pdf has some basic tips for dining out on Whole30: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-dining.pdf

Because this is with a client, you might be more comfortable calling ahead to the restaurant during a non-rush time and asking about items you're curious about. In general, any steakhouse should be able to do a steak with no spice rubs or marinades or sauces, dry grilled or grilled only with olive oil, but you could ask about the peppercorn or blackened rubs/crusts to be sure there's no sugar or soy or msg, if those sound good to you. Ask about the wedge salad or the mixed greens, make sure there's no croutons or cheese or bacon on them (the chances that they have sugar-free bacon are pretty slim), and order them with olive oil and vinegar or lemon wedges on the side. For vegetables, you'll need to ask to be sure, but the most likely options are the steamed vegetables or the asparagus. It's possible that the sauteed stuff could be okay, but I'm guessing they're using butter. You could probably have a baked potato, but you'd either need it dry, or ask for olive oil to put on it, or bring in your own ghee or other oil for it.


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