Wholiday Whole30! Starting Dec 1!


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I cannot believe tomorrow is going to be day 20.  I didn't think I would get through the first week let alone 20 days.  I have never felt better.  I am nervous about christmas with traveling, being in someone else's home, and have temptations all around.  But today I realized that I couldn't imagine going off of whole30.  I think I am going to continue at least another 15 days after the 30 ends.  I forgot what it is like to have a relationship with food that isn't around self loathing or emotion.  I had the worst habits before, and it has given me a new outlook on why I chose those foods.  Of course there are foods I miss and I miss my white wine but I'm celebrating something different. The personal victories I am having is what the whole30 testimonies stand for.  I hope everyone else is feeling as confident about this process as I am.  

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Gabs I agree, great post! Sorry I am just now coming up for air after a crazy Christmas. I was the hostess this year for friends and family, whew! I was very careful and unfortunately ran into a couple of land mines but still on track.  Maybe I am getting closer to food freedom than I think because I still feel in control and I have not lost my focus. I can't believe how different this December has been for me than recent years.  I usually gain at least 10 pounds in the fall but I feel like I have lost ten, not sure without weighing. Nevertheless my small winter clothes fit.  I felt so good I took less naps and thus missed less of the fun.  I plan to weigh on Jan 1 and start again on Jan 2 with the official Whole30 headquarters.  I hope everyone survived and still believes in the benefits because I do! Only a few more days... I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 

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