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Started Friday 25th - now on day 4

Silver Penguin

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Hello fellow health improvers,

I started my journey for real, on Friday. Prior to that, I spent a couple of weeks getting prepared. Here's some background about me.

I've been overweight since my age was in single digits. My weight used to slowly creep up but now it's sprinted beyond my all-time high. Together with that, I'm tired all the time and don't feel good. I try to exercise but everything hurts. Like many of you, I believe I've tried every diet ever invented and fell for all of the hollow promises. I've rigidly followed plans, denying myself any pleasure in eating at all. Then gained more weight and felt worse. I've exercised compulsively and gained more weight.

Then I read a book that really spoke to me. What if 'they' were wrong? What if the food pyramid and My Plate were about marketing instead of health? I'm a nurse and have studied a lot about nutrition. It's taking a huge leap for me to embrace the concept of fat = good after living in the low-fat era. That approach hasn't worked for me so it's time for something new. Something REALLY new.

So, for week 1 I based my grocery list on the meal plan in the book. This does not need to become overly complicated. I bought the groceries and put the meal plan in plain sight, along with page numbers for the recipes. It's a lot more meal prep than I was used to but the quality of the food is infinitely higher.

Today is day 4 and I woke up wanting something other than salad for breakfast. I had a Lara bar then the salad with a can of salmon and my own mayo. That got me through until lunchtime. There was a package of ground pork in the fridge that needed to be dealt with soon. I sauteed that in coconut oil, added chopped onion and sage then broke out my brand new gadget and added 'zoodles'. (Zucchini noodles).

Looking forward to making some new friends here. I'm doing this by myself, other than with the help of my virtual friends. 


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Hi Jill, 

I just started on the 26th, the plan was to start on the 25th, but too many thanksgiving leftovers broke my plans. I totally relate to the having tried every weight loss program out there. I had little success on ww losing 25 lbs, but gained it all back and more. Before starting this program I was at my all time high, and feeling really hopeless about losing the weight. My friend did whole 30 and was successful, but I think it took about 3 or 4 attempts to finally get through it. She said it was always around day 11 that she quit. I really hope we both make it through that hump, but I have just been taking it one day at a time. 

I am now on Day 5, I have eaten a lot of chicken apple sausage that is complaint, with sauteed peppers and onions, and sometimes a side of potato, depending on hunger levels. I also made my own mayo and made some egg salad with that, over lettuce and cucumbers. The problem is I am getting freaked out by the raw egg in the mayo! 

Have you had any of the "side effects" yet? I am definitely feeling the Kill all the things stage today, but I am keeping my spirits up as best I can, even though I got an email at work saying there were doughnuts available....I will not break this soon, but so tempting lol. 



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