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We're halfway there!

D Parker

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Yesterday marked the halfway point for my husband and me. Today is Day 16 for us and we HAVE noticed changes. We often refer to the Whole30 Cookbook and the daily emails at the end of the day to see if our symptoms match what others have experienced. Lo, and behold, it has! Everything from decreased sugar cravings to increased energy to more sound sleep to better fitting clothes. You name it - we've felt it!

[For curious readers, we are in our 40's, relatively active individuals, with at least 10k step/day. However a "healthy" weight for me is 50-60lbs away, while it my husband is 20 pounds away. We stopped keeping bread in the house about 2 years ago; we've never been soda drinkers; and we would drink daily protein shakes, packed with spinach or kale.]  

Prior to Whole30, we usually ate out for dinner 2-3 times a week, just because it was easier. Now, we find ourselves cooking more at home...and liking it! Our local Starbucks hasn't seen either of our faces in 16 days. That's a record! It's just too tempting. We still drink coffee at home; however, we stopped using the flavored creamers. Now, it's either black coffee, or with coconut milk.  We have also been drinking more brewed tea. During this time, we have also conquered (yes, conquered!) a football tailgate (we said no to free alcohol!), a nephew's birthday party, and office potlucks. It was actually much easier than we thought.

[Confession: We followed Whole30 as best as we could at our two Family Thanksgiving gatherings, but some annual dishes did win out. However, it was a few bites, instead of a large serving, seconds, thirds, and leftovers. We were really proud of ourselves and gave each other a high-five when we got home. And no, we didn't return to Day 1 the next day. Our 30th day is December 13th, which is a few days before the first of many family holiday gatherings. With the exception of the Christmas gatherings, we plan to extend the program until New Years. We will still weigh ourselves on Day 31.]

It has been interesting to see how Whole30 has affected each of us. For the most part, it is similar. However, as it often happens, there are more noticeable body changes in my husband, than me. Men always lose more weight (and quicker) than women. I do feel that I have lost inches though. Pants that were too tight 15 days ago fit me comfortably again. Same thing with blouses too. And this is only Day 16!

Things we've noticed that we still miss - 1) Sugarless GUM! We didn't realize how often we chew it, whether playing sports, doing a house project, or using it as a quick breath freshener; 2) Starbucks machiattos & lattes; 3) sushi rolls 4) my mornings steel-cut oats; and 5) margaritas and red wine.

Things we haven't missed, that we thought we would: string cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter, tortillas, chips, and coffee creamer.

We are SO happy that we decided to do this, and even happier that we decided to do this together. It's been worth it so far! I probably won't post again until we're done. I'll give you the update then on weight loss and clothes sizes then. Until then let's all continue our commitment to better health.

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