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Almond crusted tilapia filet

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I made this as part of my prepwork for lunches for the next few work days: almond crusted tilapia filets. Started with tilapia filets that I dipped into leftover egg whites from making homemade mayo. After the egg dunk, I coated the filets in a mixture of almond meal (purchased at Trader Joes), onion and garlic powders, fresh ground black pepper, and a bit of Old Bay seasoning (check label for ingredients). I sautéed the filets in a pan of half olive oil/half coconut oil, and flipped after two or three minutes when the underneath looked crispy golden brown. They came out great!


Note - I've also done the same type of meal with catfish, sole, cod, basa, and other types of flakey white fish. I've used whole egg when I didn't have leftover egg whites to use for the egg wash. And I've also used coconut flour mixed with unsweetened coconut flakes, and a multitude of other seasonings combinations to get different effects. I don't think I've come across a bad attempt at any of the above. Delicious, nutritious, and easy!


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