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Just dropping by to introduce myself and say hi. My wife and I are in our second, well my first, her second go through with Whole30. 


It is our 3rd day so far and I feel good, no headaches, granted I had already spent 2 weeks grain free and sugar free based on the fact I was tired of feeling crappy all the time. My wife decided after thanksgiving that she was ready to jump on board and with my recent discovery that you can cook in the kitchen, I've been enjoying whipping up as many recipes as I can find. Though, I will say they are going faster than I can make them, and its only the two of us eating it. So to anyone with kids doing the whole30, I tip my hat to you. 


So far the two best things I've made have been the Coconut Curry Chicken and separately I roasted sweet potatoes together with broccoli w/ a light seasoning of Paprika and diced up sugar free bacon(from my local butcher, all happy healthy pigs) w/ just a small amount of red onion mixed in. Even my super picky cook of a roommate said it was the tastiest thing I've made. 


Early lessons I've learned, less salt is better, its really easy to overdue salting veggies if you roast them; same goes for seasonings, less is more. 


Any who, just wanted to stop by and say Hi from Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR. 


Esquared Hanson





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