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First Time on the Whole30


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Hi All,

I'm new to this and started on Nov. 30th. I've been using diet to fix some medical problems and wanted to check out this program since my family has done it several times. I just completed 6 weeks using the Alkaline diet but was concerned about being too Alkaline and the impact that can have with candida overgrowth. 

So I'm doing this now and so far so good. In many ways it's similar to the Alkaline diet but I can't have grains but can have meat. I quit drinking 6 months ago and cut way back on my sugar and dairy so the only thing I am struggling with is no quinoa and bread. I am also doing this with my sister and friend from high school. Should be fun. I will probably remain on this type of diet the rest of my life since I'm not interested in losing weight but in keeping myself as healthy as possible. 

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