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Started Nov. 28th

Plain Jayne

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Hello all.  I'm 53 years young, married with grown kids and a hairstylist in Los Angeles.

Cheez-Its is one of my favorite foods. That and flavored Cofffeemate in my coffee.  Been 5 days in, and  I LOVE that there's no portion control.  It's not that I go crazy I just don't like the extra steps of having to weigh foods or count calories.   The biggest challenge I've had so far is passing up my morning coffee cause I can't drink it black.  That and figuring out where I can go out to eat.  so I Googled farm-to-table restaurants in my area, and a few came up.  I skimmed through my Whole 30 book before starting, and decided to read it more thoroughly because so far it hasn't been that hard.  In other words,  I haven't hit that wall just yet.  I've started my arsenal of good foods and good seasonings. In 5 days I already feel my tummy going down.....which is good because I started after Thanksgiving and a camping trip.  I'm stopping just short of 30 days (don't judge) because Hanukkah is on the 24th, and I'm going to my mom's for Christmas day.  I'm not missing out on my mom's Christmas dinner!  (I promise to eat responsibly.)  But am planning on starting again on January 2nd.  I like Monday beginnings.  I feel pretty good about that schedule. 

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