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I'm actually craving good food!!


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I completed W30 on November 22, and since then I've tried to keep at least 2 meals compliant per day. I haven't been losing my mind, thank goodness. ;)  I started this morning and while there was a box of donuts on the counter I was craving wholesome food! I shocked myself!  I fixed myself some sweet potatoes, broccoli, and Aidell's chicken apple sausage (I love that stuff!).  This is a major thing! I bought a sweet and salty chex mix later in the day and it was not very appetizing as I was eating it. I didn't even finish it. This is super huge for me. Keep it up ladies and you will be wanting wholesome, good food instead of the sugary junk when our hormones are being crazy! :)

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Oh, yes. I was at Disney the other day, and all I wanted was a salad and chocolate milk (I'm not currently doing a Whole30, if y'all couldn't guess). My craving was simply for the salad and chicken. There were tons of high-sugar super sweet options (we ate dinner before we got there, so I could have gotten a dessert), and they didn't even look appetizing.

(just a note: the craving was for the salad. I saw the chocolate milk and thought, "Hmm, I haven't had chocolate milk in a while. I remember it was really good." Spoiler: It was worth it)

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