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30 days complete!

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I'm a person of few words so I will be brief. I went into this not expecting miracles nor getting my hopes up for huge weight loss. While I was not completely satisfied with the results, I was neither disappointed. I stuck to the 30 days, did not cheat, nor did my husband (we did this together).

I knew going into this that it would and will take longer than 30 days to fix me. I sleep better than I did, feel better after eating good whole foods, know when I am actually hungry or not. I did not crave sugar once during the 30 days, nor do I have a desire to eat cake! I knew sugar was a problem for me so I limited myself to one piece of fruit a day.

I learned what fruits and veggies I really do love and hate, but most of all I learned I could live without bread, pasta, rice or white potatoes with meals.

We love this way of eating and are still adjusting but our plan is to continue this way of eating. Reintroduction will be done as suggested in ISWF, but I have a strong suspicion that dairy and wheat is a problem for me.

I have problems gathering my thoughts all into the proper order when writing so this may be all over the place. LOL

My energy levels are about the same but the chronic pain is a little better, I'm getting good results when testing blood sugar levels after meals so for me those are pluses. I hope that in time my chronic pain will become much more manageable and allow for more activities and exercise. Neuropathy is a bitch to live with 24/7.

To get to the whole point.. we loved Whole30 and plan to continue, with only short excursions for reintroductions of dairy, grains and legumes.

Lastly.. we both lost almost 2 pant sizes! Our hopes are that things will only get better the further we delve into and maintain a Whole30 lifestyle. :)


Sharon and Scott ;)

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