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2nd Whole30


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I started my second Whole30 on Monday (the 5th) and have been having a good week so far.  I'm super excited to do this again!  I have the confidence of knowing that I've already been able to do this before, and I know my pitfalls and truly know how important preparation is.  I thought I was ready the first time; now I'm on fire!  I'm only on day 3, but I can already tell a difference in how less bloated I feel (yay).

I live in Texas and have a gorgeous husband and two amazing little boys.  We're all doing Whole30 together, except the boys are more Whole30-"ish" this time around.  That's okay, though.  Because of my aforementioned confidence, I know I can succeed even if my hubs falls totally off the wagon.  He supports me 100%, but more importantly I can support myself if I need to.  :D

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