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I don't want to eat - is this normal??

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Hi everyone :) 

I just completed my first week of the Whole30 and I'm finding myself less enthusiastic about eating. I couldn't finish my lunch and I could barely get down my dinner. I'm left hungry - but not wanting to eat the Whole 30 food. I just can't eat anymore potatoes, eggs, meat, and veggies.

All I kept thinking about was rice, so I made cauliflower fried rice and it tasted gross to me. I wanted spaghetti so I made zoodles with tomato sauce and that was gross as well. I wanna cry. I'm so sad. 

Is this normal???

PS: I'm so sorry if I sound like a whiny baby.. I don't mean to. I just need to vent :( 

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People do get food boredom sometimes and don't want to eat. It doesn't usually happen after just one week, but it could.

The thing is, you do need to eat. Three meals that follow the meal template is really the minimum you need to eat each day, and if you're active you need more.  Not eating is going to make you feel even worse, both physically and emotionally.

You could try new recipes and see if changing things up can help. There are several sites that have recipes -- I like Well Fed or Nom Nom Paleo, both of which are mostly Whole30 recipes but do double check, since there are a few on each site that aren't. There are others as well, those are just two I've used a lot and liked. These Oven-Baked Salmon Cakes are a great breakfast alternative (or any time of day, breakfast just tends to be a meal people have trouble with), you can make them ahead and reheat, and they even freeze well. This Pad Thai is really good. These Comfort Noodles aren't spaghetti, but they are good. 



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