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First W30 4 me


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D A Y   1

Yesterday was day one and I just found this posting journal portion of the plan. Thus one day of catch up : )

NOTE: I have kidney disease. So my meat protein is limited to 6 oz per day. I am trying to do a half vegetarian Whole30.

B - Nut Porridge (almonds, walnuts, cashews, coconut, coconut milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, ghee, raisins, and apple

L - Large romaine salad, carrot, tomato, 3 oz. Greek seasoned chicken, Italian dressing

D - Baked cabbage w/ onions, ghee, spices and 3 oz. Sirloin roast.

Water = 80 oz for the day

Cravings at the grocery store (go figure) but stayed health focused. Cravings again after dinner... to the point I felt like I was having withdrawal. Every few minutes I craved sweets... went on for about 3 hours! Then felt nauseous. Drank water and went to bed.  

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D A Y  2

Today was a good day. I ate more than yesterday and felt better after dinner -- no terrible cravings or nausea.

B - Nut Porridge  +  couple of green grapes

L - Hamburger (4 oz) , cucumber salad (cucumber, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and Italian seasonings + olive oil). oven baked potatoes in olive oil and blueberry hibiscus tea

D - Leftovers = cooked cabbage, baked chicken (2oz), oven baked potatoes

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