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Is there any way to erase the titles of the deleted posts from the thread previews? :huh:

Reading the one from this forum that's been present for the last 16 hours or so, I could swear there was some kind of big Whole 30 announcement that Melissa Hartwig had made about sagging and severely wrinkled... sagging and wrinkled what!? I'm going to miss the announcement! The post isn't anywhere, but the title remains-- am I losing out on good w30 tips??? :D

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I assure you that Melissa was not making posts about wrinkles and sagging.

The techs know about this issue of the title of a deleted thread 'hanging' on the main forum page.  It's not necessary to make new threads just for the sake of this bug.  Just ignore it,

If you see spam threads that have not been removed (ie: you can click on the title and get the content) then please use the report post button so that the moderators are alerted and we can remove as quickly as possible.  We do try and get to them as fast as we can so your help in advising when you see them is appreciated.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.