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Starting January 23rd!


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One weekend morning I had it with being out of control with food and the long term side effects of Asthma and GERD medication, so I 'Googled', something to the affect of 'how to change my relationship with food' and luckily stumbled across Whole30. I started with the book Food Freedom Forever, and then ended up purchasing the remaining books and cookbook; because the plan looks like it makes such good sense and quite frankly I like the matter of fact approach.  My husband and I have been listening to the audio version of "It Starts With Food" on our long road trips and the other day, he stated, "This is totally us; It's as if they have they been watching us over the last few months!” 

We have seen short term success on other "diet" plans....last year we lost 90 lbs between the two of us and felt better than ever....but it wasn't sustainable and we spent ALOT, I mean ALOT of money getting there drinking 5 shakes a day for many months, only to be married to the scale, and back close to where we started a year later (sickening, right??!!). We've both been so disgusted and depressed about throwing out our 'fat' clothes and feeling the squeeze of our new smaller clothing as we just keep spiraling out of control.

Reading and listening to the Hartwigs books, has turned on a several light bulbs for us and we are ecstatic to get started! We so strongly desire to get back to where we were a year ago and to be able to maintain long term, that we are taking some extra time to prepare and begin at a time when our chances of success are best. (I travel for work and have a couple of high stress trips coming up, and I KNOW in my current state I will not be in a frame of mind to completely commit until they are done).

As a side note, I tried a mini experiment with one of the foods I thought may be causing my breathing issues and the results were astounding!  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t all in my head (I needed proof), so I tried it again and found it to be completely repeatable. I suspected dairy was causing my throat to constrict (a potential histamine response), but mostly attributed it to milk only….I didn’t even consider cheese! Now I have NO problem eliminating cheese mentally (which was once my beloved cheeeeeessssse). I now know how miserable it makes my body and the fact that I severely dislike taking medication just to breathe, especially if I can control it by other, more healthy, means. I am so excited and hopeful to see what other positive things happen as a result of implementing what we are learning.

So, with that, here’s to a new us in 2017 and the possiblity of getting rid of all those nasty medications and bad eating habits!

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