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Amenorrhea question


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Hi there. I did my first whole30 starting in September. Since then I have continued to eat whole30 for the most part. I feel amazing which is why I have continued to eat like this. I have always had a very regular cycle however this month have noticed that my period is late and has still not arrived. I have lost around 10 pounds doing whole30 however this is not the lowest weight that I have been and at my lowest weight I did get pregnant with my first daughter. My weight is about 5 pounds up from my lowest weight however I do eat much better than I did back then. I feel satisfied with what i eat. I don't get hungry but I eat 3 solid meals a day which follow the meal template. I don't feel as though I am restricting my calories and I feel like I look healthy. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you find to be the solution to getting your regular cycle back. 


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People do sometimes find their cycle changes while doing Whole30 -- if you browse through the ladies only section of the forum or google Whole30 period, you'll find past discussions of it. Typically, most people do find it regulates over time as you continue to eat this way. One thing to consider is that there have been plenty of people who find themselves pregnant after eating Whole30 for a while -- it seems to have a positive effect on fertility for many people -- so if there is any chance you might be pregnant, you might want to check if that's what's going on.

If you're unsure whether you're eating an appropriate amount of food, you could post a day or two of meals, including approximate portion sizes as they related to the meal template, as well as pre- and post-WO meals if you are exercising, and we could see if everything looks okay, but in general, if you're easily eating just the three meals a day, aren't getting hungry between meals, and are feeling good, you're probably on the right track.

If you continue to not have a period and aren't pregnant, you might want to talk to your doctor, as that can be a sign of other underlying problems that you'd want to get checked out.


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I was thinking the same thing as above, but I also experienced both late and early periods on Whole 30. The first two w30s I did I was on oral contraceptives, so I was surprised when my periods were both early and late. This time around it was early, but I'd also just stopped taking the contraception, so not surprising in lieu of the hormonal interruption.

I agree with the moderator too, though. If the pregnancy test is negative, and your cycle doesn't regulate soon, maybe check with your care provider.

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