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Sounds like you all are really doing well on slow-roll!  I feel like I have achieved similar results in regard to how I handle social situations.  I haven't eaten the first donut or girl scout cookie this year and I feel phenomenal.  Nothing can stop me!  I had maybe 4 meals that wouldn't be considered compliant and two of those, the ingredients were still technically compliant.  I no longer order refills on wine, I don't sit at my desk and fret about when I'm going to eat again, and I don't hate black coffee anymore, WHO AM I?

Today I am starting another round of Whole30 to finish out my Winter Challenge at the gym.  I'm now within 10 pounds of my goal weight, as I have lost another 2.5 pounds since we finished our W30.  I expected a slow down in weight loss due to re-intro and also working out 2 days less a week.  It's my busy time at work and I've been working a ton of OT but we're back to normal hours on Monday!!!  I'm going to keep going with how I did Whole30 the first time, but I will go back to 4-5 days of working out a week and see how that treats me.

I am so happy I stuck with Whole30, it's truly been the best experience.  I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I got to meet you guys: +having your support has been priceless!

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 @MarcellaC, @sunnytropic, @CaseyLee:  I hope you keep posting your progress!  Very inspiring.  Anyone else still around?  

I've had no sugar cravings and I'm still off sugar and dairy.  I think for emotional stability the no-sugar life is for meunless very "worth it."  The few sweets I did have did not trigger any cravings.  I've got to get off grains again for the bloating.  That is the only bad side effect, it seems.  My stomach and joints are not too poorly affected.  Since I'm finding grains quite "worth it" throughout the past weeks, it is time to cut the crap, again! 

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@MarcellaC - Congrats on being within 10 lbs of your goal!! That is fantastic! 
@Nira81 - that is awesome that you've had no sugar cravings!! I too have the grain-bloating issue and will only have them occasionally I think (at least that is what I am saying now - I am keenly aware of the 'slippery slope.') I will have a muffin or cupcake now and again but since the recent fro-yo (FILLED with sugar), I found myself more mood-unstable (anxious/depressed/euphoric) that I think that much sugar is off-limits unless it is a VERY RARE 'worth it" time. I am doing well on not adding sugar - and only having it when planned BUT I do find that I want more of those chocolate (yet compliant) RX bars after I have had some sugar.

What I am noticing now is a reduction in my desire to cook. I must get back into that as my veggie input has been reduced of late. Today I am back to meal prep and making a batch of chili to have with sweet potatoes for breakfast.

Thanks all for posting and I hope to hear what you all continue to experience!

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Hi guys!  I'm on R2D12 and going strong.  My husband had to go to Banana Republic today for their big friends and family 50% off sale and I tagged along.  I picked up a size 2 dress just to see if I could maybe, just maybe look decent in it.... if it would even fit over my thighs.  My husband zipped it up for me in the dressing room and I about fainted, say what?!  I'm wearing a size freaking 2 dress???!!!  :D:D:D  I'm absolutely beside myself.  I know that weight loss isn't the main reason for doing Whole30, but it sure has made me so happy to finally have the ability to get back down to a healthy weight.  I still wish I could get more of my friends and family on board, they could benefit sooooooo much!

How's everyone else doing?

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@MarcellaC congrats on the size 2 dress!

I am struggling. I've started regressing to old behaviors of restricting after lunch and then binging on junk after work and hiding it from family. I am a little stressed about some life things so I think that is why I am allowing myself to indulge in this behavior and haven't been putting a huge effort in to fight it.

Awareness is the first step. I am debating either doing another Whole30 or mini reset like a Whole10. If I'm honest I think I need the 30 days. If I do 30 days I would probably start March 25 or 26, to get me through some social events I already have coming up that I've been looking forward to.

It's hard because on the one hand I don't want to let this downward spiral continue too much longer, but on the other, I want to enjoy some adult beverages with old coworkers and friends I haven't seen in a few months.

The good news is scale hasn't moved up too much in the past 2 weeks I've been struggling. It's up less than 1 lb which in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot. I gained at least 10 lbs in December alone before doing our January Whole30.

To sum it up, things could be better, but they could also be worse. It's hard coming here and acknowledging all this but I know I need to do it!


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Hi guys!

@MarcellaC - that is awesome!!! Congrats on a size 2!! 

@sunnytropic - I so get it. I have been compliant with a slow roll reintro all through Feb and then the last week there were some birthdays and my cupcake frenzy got the best of me. Yesterday was the first completely non-compliant day and I went to bed feeling literally ill.  Next week I am traveling so I worry about starting another whole30 right now. But in April is my anniversary and in May is another round of birthdays. I am thinking about if I can start here and now and just ask 'is it worth it?' or if I need another whole30. 

Wishing you guys continued good health! Keep me posted!

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@sunnytropic I hope things are going better for you!

@CaseyLee Thanks!! :D

I finished Round 2 on the 30th and am down another 4 lbs (16.6 since we started our round on January 2nd).  I'm finally in the normal BMI range after working to get there for over 13 years!  Whole30 has changed my life.  That's that folks, I think I'll live this way forever, staying 90-95% compliant.  Sugar, bread, alcohol, beans, dairy, ugh all of it makes me sluggish or ruins my stomach.  I just don't need it.

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