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Wildheart's Whole 30 Journey


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Apple for breakfast because I had to take my leftover meds with food. Let's not talk about the NYE party. I feel so swollen and bloated right now. So glad I am on the right path. Looking forward to getting home this morning and cooking for the week. 

There is celery left over and I am eating it 

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 Had not thought about that. Granted, at the time I was getting up at a friends house from the night before. They offered half an avocado so I pounced. Just got home… Had a handful of almonds and now I'm going to cook for the week so I'm sure there will be some protein coming my way soon. Thank you for the tip though… I will definitely check it out. 

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Also making tea since I'm  tired. Yes… New Year's eve last night so I was up late. I hope that Harney and Sons holiday tea spiced black tea is compliant. It seems to be.   Ingredients: black tea, citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon.   Wondering if this will go OK with the coconut milk I have in the fridge.   It's the quote so delicious" dairy free organic coconut milk beverage. The ingredients seem compliant but I'm not going to go crazy honestly. 

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OK so.... 


Currently have a batch of 

*insert recipe from @whole30recipes on Instagram here*


I used breasts so I'm going to let it cook for 45 minutes and then look.

I may be editing or deleting this post.

Edited to remove block quote spam. Thanks IG.

Edited to mention I'm eating pistachio nuts while this cooks. #ihaveproblems

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Sorry to hound you here in your early days but just trying to be of help - be very mindful of the nut intake.... They're a food without brakes for SO many people, they can be REALLY hard on the digestive system causing all kinds of problems (like bloating, diarrhoea, wind, acne etc) and their omega 3:6 ratio is a little off meaning they can also be inflammatory when not eaten in moderation (most people get WAY more omega 6 than they need and not NEARLY enough omega 3 & sadly your omega 6 intake negates any omega 3 intake you might have).

We'd recommend a closed handful of nuts every other day, max...

Hope this helps!!

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Ok. First batch of the chicken breast and roasted vegetable recipe done. I cooked it a bit longer because I wanted to make sure the breasts were cooked. (recovering vegetarian with no meat cooking experience here).

It's come out really tasty! I'm cooking a second batch with the leftover vegetables. 

I'm not hungry now, because, of course, pistachios.  heh.

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 January 2. This is day two for me but day one for Melissa.

I'm eating an apple right now because I need to take some food with my last dose of antibiotics.  

 I know I'm not supposed to eat fruit alone. Handle it. 

 My tongue feels coated. Probably all of those pistachios and their salt ruined it. At least it was only the lightly salted ones. 


 I think that part of the reason why I might be so bloated is because of these antibiotics. I've been on them for about a week. Hopefully that'll change soon… I have some probiotics that I can take but I'm not sure when I should start. 

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Crazy day what with taking cat to the vet. Forgot to defrost the meat I wanted to cook. Recipe called for pork to be cut in chunks, I opted for ground turkey breast because ew. (#recoveringvegetarian)

Defrosted the 3lbs of ground turkey only to find the upper half didn't defrost. Tried microwave. No dice. Currently its in a plastic produce bag in a bowl of cold water for the next hour (again)

Opened my box of chicken broth to find the seal broken. Ugh. Should have checked. 




The meat, spices, and onions and garlic are going into a crock pot in about an hour. Who knows if this will even be edible.




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On 1/2/2017 at 1:17 PM, wildheart46 said:

Lunch time. More squash and chicken. Was hungry during work; had a glass of water. 

@wildheart46 I'm not a moderator, so whatever I say is only an opinion. That said, perhaps you're not getting enough of your healthy fats? Look on the website for the meal template. Your plate should have about 2/3 veg (perhaps a little fruit), 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein and a couple of fingers worth of healthy fat. Avocado can cheer up a dull meal and make it a lot more filling. Do you like olives? They're easy to add to anything. There are plenty of recipes available for compliant mayo, ranch etc. They're much easier to make than you might think and will make a boring meal more interesting and more filling too, 

I made plain mayo, then the next batch I used some olive oil plus some sesame oil and wasabi powder. It was delicious.

I had a really hard time telling myself that it was ok to eat fat. I've been dieting forever and a day, and low to no fat has been drilled into me. I feel SO much better for adding fat to my meals, and I'm losing weight too.

Good luck,


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