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What I Gave UP, What I Lost, What I Gained On Whole 30 #2


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I completed my second Whole 30 yesterday. When I mentioned this to my husband this morning he made two comments: (1) He didn't realize I was still on it; and (2) Did I have ice cream for breakfast?

Ha ha, funny man. The fact that he didn't realize I was still "on it" is pretty telling. After a couple of days, being on a Whole 30 isn't really that big of a deal for me, though for some people it might be a life-changing event. The fact is, I can't eat wheat or dairy anyway, have not eaten any legumes for two years, have eaten some REAL sourdough bread and a little rice as my only grains for the past year, and basically eat a paleo diet + butter and potatoes as it is. Don't use bottled anything (salad dressings, sauces, marinades), don't use packaged foods, don't even out that often. So being on a Whole 30 isn't too much of a struggle.

What I wanted to accomplish on the this Whole 30 was two-fold:

  1. I wanted to reset my appetite. I had started eating too many paleo treats. Too many almond-flour cookies, too much 85% dark chocolate, just "too much" of things that weren't necessary.
  2. I wanted to get off Prilosec, and the best way to do that was to clean up my diet even further.

I met both of those goals in the past 30 days. Better yet, I found other rewards.

A few weeks before starting the W30, I joined a running group at the local YMCA. As the weeks have gone by, I have moved from a "walker who sometimes runs" to a "runner who sometimes walks." I have to give the running and strength training we do some of the credit for the changes I have seen in my body over the past 30 days, but I know it is the combination of diet + exercise that is making the difference.

During my first W30, I lost 10 pounds, but I didn't see the "magic" results other people claim. I figured that is because I am 50 years old and that wasn't going to happen "at my age."

Well, this time around, it happened! I took my measurements this morning. Here they are:

  • Lost 6 pounds
  • Lost 1 1/2 inches off my waist
  • Went down one entire pants size

Jeans that were tight are now falling off me. My thighs are shrinking. My bras are getting too big around. My sweaters are all too big. This is highly unusual for me. I have lost weight on the past and my clothes continued to fit.

While I know it is my commitment to the Whole 30 and to working out nearly every day of the week (running, strength training, spin class, yoga), it seems like magic. Maybe that's because I've been having so much fun doing it.

So, no, I didn't have ice cream for breakfast. I don't know what I will do differently now that I'm "off" my Whole 30. Maybe nothing. The things I am "allowed" to have now--dark chocolate, alcohol, butter--are also things that will probably negatively impact my acid reflux. Getting off Prilosec is a long-term thing--the rebound effect is long-lasting and I am babying my stomach for the time being.

One thing I do know is that the two Whole 30s I have done have each helped me refine the way I eat and the way I relate to food. The first thing I thought today when I realized this Whole 30 was over was that I plan to do another Whole 30 in January. Each one seems to be so beneficial that doing two or three a year just seems like a healthy, logical way to live.

Okay, so that's my Whole 30 story this time around. Looking forward to reading everyone else's success stories and writing my next one in a few months.

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I love this!

As I finish up my whole30 in 5 days, I already know whole30 #2 is going to start on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). I already feel like that as much as I have learned about my relationship with food in the last 25 days, another round will put me that much further ahead. Just having you document this for me makes me know that I am headed in the right direction.

Congratulations on your successes!

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Nice! I finished up on the 17th and am starting my second one Monday. These past few days I've remained mostly whole30/paleo with a few things thrown in to see what happens LOL

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