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Reflections on Day 30

Silver Penguin

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I can hardly believe that today is Day 30. For real. I've been doing this for 30 days now and am going to continue doing it. I will be a little less strict for the next week but right back to it, with a group of friends who are starting in January.

So, what has changed since the day after Thanksgiving? Here's a partial list of my NSVs.

1. My stomach doesn't hurt. The reflux is gone (without any meds). The bloating and burping is gone.

2. I learned (from a couple of mistakes) that dairy is not my friend. I made ghee and didn't get it quite right so there were still some milk solids left. That didn't sit well with me. I also drank one cup of tea with 2 % milk in it rather than a compliant alternative. That didn't sit well either. It's so much easier to stay away from irritants when you know what they are.

3. Who knew? a meal can be filling and sustaining without a pile of traditional carbs. I didn't expect that.

4. My pants fit better.

5. I have more energy.

6. I have more confidence. This was evidenced by a desert trip last weekend when we went four wheeling. I'm always the follower but this time I took the lead and upped the pace.

7. I prefer spaghetti squash to pasta. I never was a big pasta fan but am delighted to have a healthier alternative.

8. While not ideal, I can make a meal from an apple with some nut butter. It's not textbook Whole 30 but it beats a lot of alternatives when in a pinch.

9. Nutpods creamer is awesome. Expensive, but awesome.

10. Snacking between meals is a habit that can be broken.

11. The time taken to prep real meals is worth it.

12. I'm looking forward to a glass of wine but it's not the huge big deal that I had thought it was going to be.

I3. I feel better for not drinking alcohol daily.

14. My last two chiropractic adjustments went much better than ever before. Doc says that's down to having less inflammation.

15. Although today is Day 30 and Christmas Eve, I've spent the morning preparing compliant foods. I picked some delicious recipes from a book. My shopping cart was a rainbow of colors, almost all from the produce and meat sections. I rarely shop in the middle of the store these days. I'm going to eat whatever I want on Christmas Day but my wants have changed significantly. It's not going to be the crazy binge that I had anticipated. It will in fact, be more compliant than not.

16. Although the other items are in no particular order, the verdict from the scale is in last place deliberately. I'm down about 5lbs.


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