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Starting my first W30 12/26/16!!!


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I started Monday!! I spent the two weeks ahead of Christmas trying to begin eating more Whole30 ish (I grocery shopped for the right things and planned Whole30 meals but when we went to a holiday gathering I felt free to indulge).  Monday morning though it's Whole30 or bust for me!!  I want to be through and do my reintroductions in time for Valentine's and my anniversary in March (hubby promised to go away this year!) and I'm so hoping to be back into my lingerie by then (I think it's very possible and doable if I start right now!).  I happen to know I already lost weight those two weeks before Christmas because I wasn't in my Whole30 yet and I weighed myself. ;)  My wedding ring also fits which hasn't happened in about 2 years (sometime mid pregnancy with my 2nd child).  YAY!

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