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Today is Day 30, Going right into Round #2!

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Day 30! whooop whooop! I did hop on the scale today. I might of lost up to 2 lbs but not positive as I am not sure where about I started. My numbers can fluctuate within a few lbs at any given time. Anyways i am happy because it is day 30 and I am on a Whole30 journey until June, my bday. I have lost body fat and that is huge for me. But the numbers, as much as I hope they went down more than they did, are not super big to me as long as they continue to go down. I have about 12lbs that I am hoping to lose. My husband is excited for me and thinks I should keep going, which makes life easier that he isn't teasing me or getting irritated that I won't eat butter, etc. But I think it motivates him to see me continue.  I thought about not being so strict but like I told him, it just takes the pressure off by knowing what i can and what i can't have. I am so glad I did this during the holidays. I would be feeling so very crappy about myself had I not been on the whole30 during the holidays. The last few days were the hardest for me on this round because of holiday habit... drinking and eating things because they are just there.

And I know myself pretty well... a little creamer and I will start chewing gum. And then I will have chipotle every now and then and then I might of well have the chips. And then I am right back to where I was 30 days ago. My plan is to go to my bday. And then I am actually having a bday cupcake (carrrot cake/frosting) but i do not like that kind of stuff but there is this cupcake place here in my town that i discovered when some friends came to visit. And I had one and have been craving it ever since! I am doing that for my bday present. It was that good.

I do now have to revisit some issues that came up in Round 1.

1. I got into fruit more than I normally would eat, which could contribute to not losing weight. But I am also going to fight for the fact that it isn't the end of the world to me if I eat too much fruit every now and then. I am not a huge fruit person typically but I feel like I have needed it to bring more variety to my diet. My past W30, it was the nuts that got me into trouble. And in this least year, I have learned that I don't feel great eating nuts which bums me out but i get so many stomach issues and I itch really bad. 

2. 3 meals. I wasn't exactly at the three meals which again, not that big of a deal for me but instead of using my pre and post workout meals, I just got lazy and wanted to make a meal and get it over with. I am one of those people that i don't like to waste time with eating. I literally would not eat if I didn't have to. I don't taste a lot of foods which probably is why I am not a huge food person. I just basically don't want to be hungry. 

3. Cooking. I don't cook and my goal was to do 1-2 new dishes a week. I never did that but I did start doing a few things that seems like cooking to me (but it won't to you). Like even making cauliflower mashed potatoes. I did that for xmas day and it was like something brand new in my world. Anyways, I need to make myself do a few more things so I don't get so sick of the foods I am eating which is what I normally eat for the most part whether I am on paleo, the whole30 or not. My stables are always chicken, veggies- brocilli, cauli, sweet potato, buttenut squash, avacado, eggs and more eggs. So really, i need to cook something new.

4. Starches. I do love my sweet potato and butternut squash. I limited myself but sometimes need the extra carbs for my workouts or if my energy levels are super low... . I just need to keep an eye on things. I will be starting up my new season and my training plan for tris and starting into crossfit. I sometimes get SO hungry and I need to make sure I am getting in enough calories. I feel like I eat way more than other people looking at their menus and my workouts are pretty minimal right now with mostly lifting, so I just need to plan maybe better wtih my pre and post workout meals.

So here is to finishing day 30 and rolling into Round 2 tomorrow! Whooo opps!





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I am now on Day 44 and all is going well. I went out to dinner tonight for my daughter's bday and i prepared ahead of time with eating a snack of banana and almond butter to tie me over just incase and to keep me making good choices. I am getting more confident as the days go on and keeping my eye on the prize. I have been tempted a few times but not enough to go off plan. and i am learning once I eat a meal, I am good and happy. everything i eat I just think taste so good. And i am so happy that i feel good which is coming from consistency.

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