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Hey all, 

I am starting Whole30 soon and have been reading the books and doing my research. But truth be told i m not sure how I'll manage. 

The reason for my uncertainty is this - I am a vegetarian. I don't eat eggs or meat or fish or chicken. Dairy is fine. So I m confused about my protein option! Tofu, cottage cheese, beans, legumes, paneer... these are my usual protein options and these don't come in Whole30 diet plan.

Please help me understand! Are there any 'vegetarian pardons' available?!!

Any kind of inputs will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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@ladyshanny Thanks, I was so happy to see a reply! I have already checked the forum link, and to my dismay it didn't help much in clarifying if beans like garbanzo or kidney beans or such others, and legumes are ok in vegetarian version of Whole30 diet. 

I have a hand written notebook in which I have jotted down various Vegetarian recipes, and I now realize that's it's all just veggies and fruits! How will I survive on just these?!! 

It would help a LOT to get a clearer picture for people like me, Vegetarians who don't eat eggs, meat, fish, chicken. 

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The article linked above makes recommendations for the best choices for non-animal proteins, use those guidelines to choose your proteins.

There's no way to do a true Whole30 including legumes, but for people who choose not to consume any animal proteins, the best recommendations for legumes are in the article, as well as the best recommendations for grains and dairy and other non-Whole30 items that someone who doesn't consume animal proteins will need to consume to get enough protein.  The recommendations state the best options, and the things to avoid -- anything else is somewhere in the middle, and is largely up to you. I know that in other places, the Hartwigs have mentioned that if you are going to consume legumes, it's best to soak them them (they mention it here, for example) -- if you need tips on how to do that, check out the Weston A. Price foundation, they focus on traditional food preparation and should have those instructions.

The thing to remember about Whole30 is that it wasn't written for vegetarians. The Hartwigs have stated that they believe the best sources of protein are from animal sources. However, they do recognize that not everyone is able or willing to eat meat, and therefore have provided some guidelines for those people -- but because they feel as they do about the best protein sources, they aren't willing to say that soy or legumes or dairy are ever Whole30, even for vegetarians. They understand that some people will need to choose those items, and they want people who are choosing those items to make the best possible choices within their own belief systems and will provide what guidance they can to help them make those choices.

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