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Day 4


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Glad I took the time today to read the posts from yesterday and today. I have had a cold and cough which started a couple of days ago. I see that this is one of the side-effects I should be aware of. I have also been feeling very tired, with only the desire to take a long nap in the afternoon. That is also another reaction of my body chemistry changing. Feel so much better knowing that this may happen to some people. I have not had any cravings, but going to the grocery store is frustrating. As I look at all the stuff I was eating before that it is a no-no for me now, it is a big adjustment. Also, if I want to buy already made food when I am in a hurry, I have to be very careful to read the ingredients. I have decided I'll do my own cooking for this period instead. Although I am going to a fund-raiser event tonight and they will serve nicoise salad with tuna. I am hoping the tuna doesn't have mayonnaise.

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