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Salad Dressing

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Yep! The ones that you make yourself! It's super easy, and delicious.

Oil + Acid + Spice = Salad dressing.

I tend to do equal parts olive oil and red wine vinegar and some crushed pepper, but I've also used apple cider vinegar in a salad with bacon bits, walnuts, blue cheese, and lobster salad on top of mixed greens (not completely Whole30 compliant, but...just an example) which was AMAZING

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Oh, I alluded to this, but you can mix up the oil too. If you happen to have avocado oil on hand, you can throw together a pretty awesome green goddess dressing.

Walnut, Hazelnut, and other seed oils aren't super ideal in their fat profiles, but used occasionally can totally spice up a salad in a new way.

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This is the one I use:

Balsamic Vinaigrette

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

3/4 cup EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)



Couple seconds on the Magic Bullet. This seems to be a bit different each time I make it as I am not all that careful with measuring.

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I usually use mashed avocado mixed in my salad for my "dressing"...but if you are in the mood for something creamy...I've been making homemade mayo and blending in chopped parsley, chopped scallions or shallots, minced garlic and a dash of S&P. For a really super easy cheater version... 1/2 cup homemade mayo and 1 T. Penzeys Sunny Paris Seasoning (I mix the 1 T. seasoning with 2 T. cold water and allow it to rehydrate for about 5 minutes)...whisk it all together...presto. Ranch. My family thought I made them my old buttermilk ranch recipe.... hahaha!

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This is the salad dressing I make. Varying the type of oil and the seasonings will change the flavor.

1 egg

2 tsp mustard (I found a Whole30 friendly Dijon at Trader Joe's)

500 ml (about 2 cups) oil

salt and pepper to taste

various herbs (tarragon, thyme were in my latest)

150 ml (about 3/4 cup) champagne vinegar

The first part's like making mayo. Whisk the mustard into the egg. Then, slowly drizzle the oil into the egg/mustard mixture while whisking -- I do this with an old-school hand mixer with whisk beaters. Patience is key. Once you've slowly whipped the egg and oil up, then add salt, pepper, and herbs and whisk those in. Finally, whisk in your vinegar, which will thin out the blend to a pourable consistency. Champagne vinegar is nice because it's pretty mild. I used pumpkin seed oil in my current batch of dressing, which tastes great, but results in a weird deep green colored dressing.

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