November Whole30...The Saga Continues


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1 hour ago, IronGirlTrixie said:

Nope brain is saying eat the cookies! Then the rewiring kicks in and says why?! Cause it'll be tasty... But it'll hurt for days!  Yes, the inner battle continues. 

Folks are noticing that I'm looking slimmer. I'm not sure I am exactly.. But I'll take the compliment. 

Hah! My longing for biscuits was particularly strong today! (Yes, my husband made some for the kids.) I did not cave, but it's a good thing I am actually on a Whole30, not merely eating Whole30-ish. If I'd been -ish, I would have caved! I almost think I don't dare move from Whole30 to post-Whole30 anytime soon. I need the structure to keep me on the rails.

I'm feeling blah and tired, still drained from my mom's hospitalization, I think. And I want some kind of treat to replenish me from the ordeal. No doubt that's part of the biscuit-longing. Plus today was so gray and damp and cold. I long for the warm sun and extended daylight of summer.

Congrats on the looking slimmer, @IronGirlTrixie!

And congrats to @browneyedbeauty, too, for the capris! :D

Really glad to hear that your consult about your shoulder went so well, Cassie. I hope you get some relief from the pain SOON!

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@CCLaymon I have had bough ts with plantar fascitis myself, have had a few shots of cortisone in my heel which thank God helped it and orthodics  in  my shoes.  Was physically and emotionally exhausted last night didn't do much of anything but loaf around the house.  We learned that a co-worker had passed away, so sad she'd been with our department 20 years to my 30+.  She would tell me all the time "Pat, I can notice the change in you",  I'll miss her dearly she was a VERY strong woman fighting her disease for years!  I hope to have the strength that she showed recently.  But, all in all with all the cooking over the weekend I stayed on track :D.  Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

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11 hours ago, CCLaymon said:

My good news of the day: I finally did a consult today with a gal who I hoped would help me fix my pesky shoulder problem. She not only thinks we're going to fix that, but also a nagging performs problem and plantar fasciitis that has been plaguing me for years. Besides my real job I'm a physical therapist, so I think I'm pretty in tune to reality and I have a lot of confidence in her. Now I'll just have to follow through - the though part! @higs I'll let you know how it goes!

@CCLaymon, that is great news!  I never knew you were a physical therapist!  How wonderful to find a new PT that is going to help you fix stuff.  I absolutely adore my physical therapist.  What I have trouble with is staying really consistent with doing my exercises, but I have been on a tear lately!

Noted some NSVs as I start off Day 23:  I have not had night sweats or hot flashes since I started the Whole30.  And I didn't catch the horrible plague that all my coworkers seem to have gotten since the holidays.  NSV for the win!

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I'd been wondering why I was so drained by "just" a week up with my parents while my mom was in the hospital. I've been home for 5 days now. Surely I should have recovered!

This morning, clarity and a much better mood arrived.

I was sitting outside for my morning sunlight and loving it. And i realized that of course I'd been drained and of course I'd needed some time of replenishing to recover.

Because I'd maintained my Whole30 and done my various rehab exercises religiously while I was in Maryland, I thought I'd done well. And I had. I've learned that maintaining even the bare minimum of self-care when a family member is seriously ill in the hospital is a real challenge. And I'd done it. Three cheers for me! ;)

But there are very good reasons that my normal routine of living includes: morning sunlight, a generous interval of tranquil solitude and contemplation, exercise for exertion (swimming and weight lifting), and artistic expression. I get anxious and gloomy without the morning sunlight. My equanimity is more fragile without exercise for exertion. I lose my sense of anchorage and centeredness without tranquil and solitary contemplation. And I get super grouchy without artistic expression. I did without all of these for 7 days. Of course I was drained and discouraged.

It's a relief to be feeling better (and this managing better) today. I've pulled a roast beef from the freezer for tonight's dinner (I'll thaw it immersed in hot water this afternoon, just before I pop it in the oven) and a chicken to roast for Friday. I plan to make mayo today. I'm getting back on track!

@PatriciaNY I am so sorry for your loss of your workplace friend.

@higs Big congrats on the NSVs! They're awesome!

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While I continue to struggle to find balance, I am learning.  It's hard not to get incredibly frustrated with my lack of knowledge of my own body!  So the Sugar Dragon is Public Enemy #1 and I am daily pursuing food freedom from it, trying to teach myself some limits but knowing deep down that the only limit I can adhere to right now is NONE.  I haven't had any other cravings aside from just random "munchies", which I've been able to work past with success.  I haven't weighed myself since around Christmas, but I feel like, miraculously, I am continuing to lose weight, or shape-shift anyway.  I continue to get comments from people, so that feels great, but I feel like I'm not earning them.  Today is my first day back at work after the ice storm had it's way with us, thank goodness - I was so ready to get out of the house!  I had also, for some silly reason bought a lot of cookies over the past week, so it was good to get away from that.  I packed a chicken salad today made with leftover rotisserie chicken and my second successful batch of mayo, black olives and some pickles.  It was delicious and "light" - just what I needed.  I haven't been to the gym - ICE! - so tomorrow morning I plan to get up early and hit it hard.  I feel like working out is the missing piece of the puzzle right now, it has always been a huge factor in my life.  Once I am more consistent at the gym I know the eating habits will change, too.  This is a big mess of a paragraph, my apologies.

The hubs is on day 10 and has been doing really well - I am super-proud of him!  We are both so much happier with the way we've been eating, it seems silly to go back to a SAD.  He's been very tired and a little irritable from time to time, has definitely had some tummy issues, but overall he's rockin this.

I am so proud of everyone here - I love keeping up with everyone!:wub:

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On January 16, 2017 at 6:48 AM, mhemm said:

I am really struggling.  I have not been doing w30, and that's ok, but I'm really struggling to even be Paleo at this point.  Why is it SO HARD?!?!?!  Hubs has been really successful, he is on day 8.  I know what he is going through, but I know he feels better than I do right now.  The Dragon is a beast that knows no bounds.  I have been eating a lot of great, compliant or mostly compliant food as I am still cooking with hubs in mind, but I am eating cookies and drinking soda, too.:(  Maybe the delivery of our new range today will help.  Right now I am making French toast because we are all home due to the ice storm...


I'm so proud of all of you for carrying on with the courage & tenacity that you have been!  What a strong group of folks!

I'm a Cookie Monster, too.  Hang in there. Like you mentioned later, I think I also do better with a limit of "none" than "some".

Sodas also are my slippery slope.  Fortunately right now I'm doing OK - but I think it's the "none" part that is working.  

Really - my eating gets out of control if I have Diet soda and cookies.  Those are my main two things.  The other things just come along for the ride.

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On January 15, 2017 at 5:17 AM, CCLaymon said:

I made the pad thai last night and I didn't love it, though my son did, which was great. I'm not willing to give up on it yet. I think my issues came from the coconut amino, which were teriyaki flavored. They didn't have regular, and maybe that's in my head. I'm going to make pork chops from the Whole30 book today - I'll you know how it goes.

@Jessica NG one of my greatest challenges around Whole30 has always been the coffee issue. I always loved a hazelnut with cream and sugar. For Whole30 I would drink coconut milk, but it's surely not the same and very hard to travel. Nutpods is the closest thing I've found that works for a creamer substitute (auto correct keeps wanting to make it NOTEPADS!!)  It is the one thing that has made it much easier for me to stay on Whole30. Coffee is usually my first thing I add back, and it's a downhill slide from there. Note: I usually drink 1-2 8oz. cups of coffee a day. And it's very low in calories which is a bonus!

@browneyedbeauty, the fact that you can eat steak and not feel guilty does make things better, doesn't it? :) I'm glad you are loving swing shift. It sounds like things are lining up for you!

@IronGirlTrixie I hope you are having a great time dancing this weekend, and not getting into too much trouble ;)   I wouldn't necessarily say that I love to clean when I'm eating well, but I do have a clearer head, and I'm willing to do what needs to get done. When I'm not eating well, I let things slide for far too long. For instance, I have a large number of light bulbs that needed replacing in ceiling fixtures, and yesterday I overcame my laziness and changed them all. I'm very tempted to get on this clothing purge. I think if I get ride of everything I don't love I will have very little left!!

@MizRik So glad you popped in here! I know all too well how hard it is to get back on the wagon once you've been off. For me it's as much physical at mental. My habits are so ingrained from years of eating sugar that once I try it, the sugar dragon comes back stronger than before. Please keep checking in and let us know if we can help in anyway!

@mhemm are you doing?

@Laurie because I didn't follow Whole30 perfectly in Charleston, today would be day 5 for me. I'm going to really focus on being on track 100% when I'm at home in NJ and VA, but give myself some grace around dressings and sauces when I'm on the road. The more good choices I make, the stronger I feel!  I love your plan for the walking meditation. I've done a Labyrinth walk several times, and I liked that a lot. Please share with us how that is going for you! I think my biggest things I'm going to work on food wise right now is cutting down a bit on the fruit, and not eating later in the night. I'm not hungry at that time, and it's a bad habit I'd like to break.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday!

I'm trying with this quote thing, but it's not responding to deselect items.


We made the Pad Thai again last night and it didn't turn out nearly as well.  I think it was the squash - this time it was very watery.  However, the flavors were there so we thought of it more like a stew.


Did you add green onion, lime, and cashews or almonds on top?  We felt that really made a difference.  I'd guess your teriyaki flavored aminos also changed it a little - the aminos we have definitely carry distinct taste we can detect.


It's great that your son like it, though!  And that he hasn't had the "real thing".  Mine haven't, either, but they loved this as well.

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I was listening to a podcast today that had nothing to do with health and nutrition, but the guest was asked a question about what advice she would give someone who was new to their faith, and she said, "be around people who are traveling the path you want to take." And I immediately thought of all of us! I love checking in here daily to get a shot of inspiration and encouragement. You are my people :)

On a funny note, I'm having a nutpod emergency. Rick is driving to see me Friday, and I know where he's going to stay overnight along the way. So I found a healthfood store that carries them, confirmed they have hazelnut, and "Bill" told me to have Rick ask for him and he'll set him up. LOL!! The lengths I go to for a cup of coffee!

@mhemm don't discount the compliments!  Enjoy them! Also, I'm so happy you are having mayo success. That always makes me happy, too.

@Jessica NG glad you're feeling better :)

@higs had my first session with the therapist today - MAGIC!

@Laurie where are you, girl? Check in with us!

Overall, things are good this week. I found the coconut aminos and I have some ideas to enhance the pad thai based on Kathleen's suggestions here. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Ahhhh the nutpod craze continues lol....I'm so glad I found those on Amazon. I can drink my coffee black but tastes much better with a shot of Unsweetened hazelnut nutpod.  My boss told me yesterday he was on day 17 of another whole30, said his wife was making Chocolate Chili, and instantaneously I started to salivate.  Went home to check my Hershey's unsweetened coco to see if it was compliant and low and behold it is!!!!  This weekend's cooking will consist of making chocolate chili!  I'm going to start doing weights for my arms, I hate the way they look from loosing so much weight, they look like cottage cheese <_<  will start out doing the 3lb weights  for a while then increase!  Feeling the need to get the arms ready for summer weather!!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

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I made it to the gym this morning!B):ph34r:  After an optometrist appointment yesterday (ordered some super-cute nerd glasses:D) I began to feel super bloated.  I had been compliant all day save for the milk in my coffee, so I was really confused and frustrated...  then I realized that Aunt Flo is scheduled to be in town next week...  ugh.  That also explains the recent cookie consumption...  It actually makes me feel good in that this is totally normal and I am doing a pretty darn good job! :)

@PatriciaNY - YUMMMM  for chocolate chili!  I have some leftovers in my fridge for supper tonight!:P

My range comes today (postponed due to the ice earlier this week) and I have a weekend of no basketball, so I may be playing in the kitchen all day Saturday.  Sundays are for FOOTBALL!!!:wub:

11 hours ago, CCLaymon said:

 I love checking in here daily to get a shot of inspiration and encouragement. You are my people :)


@CCLaymon - :wub:

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A little something to make you laugh:

One of my good friends knows about the success I'm having with Whole30, so she perked up when she heard that two of the gals in here office were doing Whole30 for the month of January. They are calling it the "zero dark thirty" diet. I thought that was HILARIOUS!! Maybe they aren't seeing great results like ours yet ;)

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Today is my day 30 on my second Whole30! Woo hoo!

I couldn't really believe it. I had to check the calendar and count the days to convince myself. But it really is day 30. I'm amazed.

So I want to share NSVs with you ladies. I'm not going to go through the entire check list in the book. I'll just name the victories that are apparent to me and that seem the most important. :D

I'm filling slimmer even than I was on December 20. My clothes are looking better on me. My swimsuit is even easier to get on and off. (It's one of those slimming styles that have extra lycra.) I'm feeling more and more happy with this way of eating. I know in my heart, not just my head, that this is the way I want to eat for life. I'm feeling even more resourceful and competent in the kitchen, even though my planning was not as good this time around as it was last time. I just know that I can make whatever food I have on hand work. And here's the biggie: This morning I had NO STOMACH BURNING for the first 3 hours after I woke up! Now it did come back. But this is is the first pain-free interval I've had since November 22. i figure that when I've been pain-free for one interval, there will be more.

I plan to weigh myself tomorrow, but then swing right into my third Whole30. This is working for me, and I don't want to mess it up by testing any non-compliant foods at this stage. ;)

Edited to add: I'm having second thoughts about that weight check. I'm feeling so good. Not sure I want to ruin my buzz, if the number on the scale isn't what I want it to be. I'll decide tomorrow.

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Hello Ladies! Following my Whole30, I spent the last 30 days what I would call Whole 30ish. Here's what I mean by that: I believe there are 4-5 meals where there was something non-compliant: a sauce, a dressing, beans, or the other day I had parmesan cheese on a salad. Let's call it 6 meals to keep me honest ;) 84/90 meals means I was 93% compliant. In the last 30 days, I've lost another 5 pounds, which I am very happy about. I know that I am 1) more satisfied with my meals, even though I'm not dieting and 2) feeling like this is very sustainable long term for me.

I do have some things that I'm thinking about:

  • I have cut back on the fruit recently and I think that has helped.
  • I go to a monthly meeting where I felt like I didn't have a lot of say over the menu. The fellow who runs it told me he'd be happy to have them set aside protein with no sauce. I forgot to tell him that yesterday, and it would be easy for me to do that.
  • I'd like to tighten it up for my next 30 days, because I have a big event the week of Feb 13th and every year I go not feeling good about myself.  I'm not sure if I'll lose more weight before then, but at least I'll be feeling my best.

Roll call: how's everyone else doing?

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Doing great here, today I made chocolate chili in my slow cooker and posted it on facebook and my family was like "chocolate chili?" YUK I was like well it tastes pretty darn good to me!! thinking tomorrow's egg's over chocolate chili!!!  Hope all have a great weekend!!!

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Hello, ladies!

Today didn't go at all as I'd planned. I received the proposal early from my cover designer for the book that will be released February/March. This was a good thing, but it meant I did a whole bunch of emailing with the designer, in order to finalize the design.

Then I got an email from my son's high school counselor about an ongoing problem that she and I are trying to sort out with one of my son's teachers. I feel confident that we *will* sort it out. But it is a stressful situation, and I needed to write a super important email detailing the history of the difficulty. I did so. I think I did an excellent job. But it really took it out of me. And it took a lot of time.

Then I got a phone call from my dad that my mom is in the hospital again. She is doing really well, and she is stable. In fact, when my dad called me, she was sitting up in bed and eating a late lunch. The doctors expect to clear her to go home again tomorrow or the next day. But it was a shock to hear that she was back in the hospital after only 10 days home from the last time.

Anyway, it was a relentless day. I never did get to the gym for weight lifting. Which meant I never got near that accurate, expensive scale at the gym that I was going to use to weigh myself. So I think I am going to skip it. I'll just carry on with my third Whole30 and weigh myself on February 19, which will be my next day 31.

Around 5 this evening, I felt like I'd been knocked down about four times during the day, and the fourth time was the knockout punch. I was quivering on the ground. I'm feeling a little better now. I called my best friend and told her everything, and she was amazing and supportive and wonderful, the way she always is. And that helped. But, phew!

Man! I could use some {{{hugs}}} ;)

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@PatriciaNY Your chocolate chili story made me laugh. Thank you! Having an egg over chili for breakfast sounds yummy!

@CCLaymon Cassie, your 93% compliance for Whole30ish sounds awesome. You rock. lady! :D Your awareness that cutting back on fruit was helpful and your plans for the next 30 days sound really excellent, too. Keep up the great job!

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@CCLaymon @Jessica NG - Congrats on the victories!

@Jessica NG - So sorry to hear about your mom, glad she is doing well though!

I'm on day 19 here and it's been a challenging day, but I'm not having any major difficulties staying compliant. Mixed it up today and sliced up a pork tenderloin with some peppers, garlic, and chili con carne seasoning from Whole Foods. It was quite delish.

I was talking to my mom yesterday about some of the ongoing stomach issues I've been having, which Whole30 hasn't healed. She said it might be an egg intolerance, that she experiences the same thing when she eats too many eggs. I thought about it and realized it was a possibility, and after doing some research last night, decided to eliminate eggs today.... and so far so good, no stomach issues. We'll see if this trend continues into tomorrow. I would much rather have an egg intolerance than FODMAP issues, which was my other guess.

I'm realizing that I don't really seem to crave sugar when I don't have it, I will probably stay mostly sugar free after 30 days, my mood is better, my energy levels are consistant and it's all around easier for me to stay away from junk food. I also haven't had fruit, I'm not sure I will continue that trend, and I'm curious to see if reintroducing fruit makes me crave sugar in the same way having refined sugar does.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Let's talk about a little issue I'll call "Head Games." I posted yesterday about how great I was feeling, and wanting to tighten things up a bit. Then, my husband got to NJ earlier than planned and we went out to dinner. (The nutpods did arrive, by the way, in case you were worried ;) )  We headed out for Ruby Tuesday, where they make a mean mango martini. And I thought, "If I'm going to tighten things up starting tomorrow, I could have a drink tonight and get back on the wagon tomorrow."

These are ridiculous, crazy thoughts!  I just shared how great I was doing, and then was tempted to jump off. Crazy, crazy thoughts I battle. I came to my senses before we got there, thank goodness. I do like Ruby Tuesdays because you can come up with some good ordering options: I had steak and grilled zucchini,  and was very satisfied.

@Jessica NG I can relate to the exhaustion of your day. I always say that it's the minutiae that wears me down. Writing an email doesn't sound so big, but when you have to be really detailed and persuasive - exhausting. Also the cover bit and mailing back and forth - I'm tired already :) Yay you for getting through it all. And I'm glad that mom is doing ok. Message me and tell me where you live in VA. Maybe we can grab coffee on one of my trips to Roanoke!

@browneyedbeauty (not sure why it's not tagging you) glad to hear your stomach issues are better. Here's a little prize for you: 30 Egg-free Whole30 breakfasts  I need to try these myself!

My fun for the day: my son is Lefou in the upcoming high school production of Beauty and the Beast. Today they are welcoming the kids of the community to come spend time with them (reading with Belle, dancing with Beast, manners with Lumiere, get strong with Gaston). Fun, right?!!  Rick and I will go and chaperone and see a preview of the show, which is not happening until Feb 23rd. A stress free day, and I'm looking forward to that!

Have a great day everyone!

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@Jessica NG Stiff upper lip girl!!! You are a strong woman, I can relate to all the hub bub that goes on in a stressful day.  There is a song by AC/DC that one of my bosses that left our Department and I used to tell each other "Stiff upper lip"  maybe listen to it when you have a chance.  Didn't do the chocolate chili and eggs this morning, instead I made my breakfast salad with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, onion, avocado, and lemon juice, basil chopped, and aidels apple sausage cooked had that with pumpkin spice coffee with unsweetened hazelnut nut pods!!! Glory be thank God for Amazon!  right  @CCLaymon!!!  so happy you got your shipment!

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Ok so I'm really upset now, I tried to start a new post on "What's really in your olive oil"  In talking with my sister who is trying to get into whole30, she told me about an article she read which I will post in here now:  I was very upset to find in this article that Filippo Barrio which I use may have vegetable oil in it which we all know isn't compliant.  I went to my bottle and checked the ingredients  and it said "with SELECTED oils from Italy, Spain, Greece and Tunisia"  and of course it didn't list just what those SELECTED oils were!  I would suggest you read the above article to see if your olive oil is listed.  I don't know about some of you ladies and gents but I use this to make my mayonnaise and to cook with and in my salads.  So just be mindful when your purchasing your olive oil that just because it says extra virgin or first pressed that it may have OTHER oils in it :(  I just wanted to share this so that you would all be aware, because I was shocked when I realized that I haven't been compliant in all this time because of the stupid olive oil!!! (disgusted with the manufacturer)

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Thanks for asking @CCLaymon  Ya, the whole olive oil thing is an issue which comes up quite often... 

I guess if your oil is on a 'no' list somewhere and other oils are available to you, the best thing to do would be to use another oil but unless people keep testing and publishing reports, companies can change their recipe, add or subtract things like other oils under the guise of it being lawful... 

Personally, I would buy the best olive oil you can afford and call it good... or switch to avocado oil if you're very concerned but there is only 'so much' that we can do if a product is lawfully allowed to be a mixture and they don't have to list it on the label... 

Sometimes we let good enough be good enough... in cases like this where without your own lab, you cannot possibly know what your exact bottle has in it, you just do the best you can.

Does that help?  I don't think any other moderator is going to come here with a hard and fast clear cut ruling on this because there really isn't one, but maybe others will weigh in.

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Day 21 - I woke up this morning and my stomach has never looked like this before, I'm also down a belt loop on my work belt, all these NSV's and I still have 9 days to go.

Haven't eaten eggs since Friday morning and my stomach issues have all but resolved themselves. Definitely think I have an intolerance going on and I will confirm by doing a reintro after the rest of the official reintro's.

@CCLaymon - thanks for the link, I will definitely have to try some of those out!!

I've chosen not to worry about my olive oil, I checked the ingredients and they don't list a mixture of oil origins. I did read up on it, and I don't like it, but I've got so much more things to worry about right now like SugarCube suggested, I'm buying the best oil I can afford, and doing my due diligence in checking labels. I've chosen to leave it at that. ;)

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Thank you, @PatriciaNY! I'm pretty upset about this olive oil fraud and so grateful to you for posting the link to information about it. I'd heard rumors that some EVOOs were not actually EVOO, but I didn't know how to find out more, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Having read The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, I know how damaging seed oils are and I do NOT want to be consuming them! So I am furious and disgusted that many EVOOs are being adulterated by seed oils. Gah!

(I blogged about seed oils, if anyone wants to know more. ;)

We are almost out of our current bottle of EVOO. It is Bertolli. Boo Bertolli! one of the brands that are adulterated. Boo hiss!

We'll be getting a different brand on our next trip to the grocery store.

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