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"Your Family Farmer" is a group of farms based in Chambersburg, PA, that delivers to drop point locations throughout the state, including a number of locations at the borders with Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. You can see their drop point locations at http://www.yourfamilyfarmer.com/drop-point-locations and their food list at http://store.yourfamilyfarmer.com/

Their products are all "GMO Free, Soy Free, Artificial Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Grass-fed, Organically Pastured, and Humanely Raised." Their bacon has sugar, unfortunately, but most all of their sausage and other woodland pork products are compliant, as well as about every cut of grass-fed beef and pastured chicken you can think of, including plenty of bones and organ meats. They also have Alaskan wild-caught salmon (if you can afford it) and a few fermented foods in the "Home Canned Goods" section. They list all their ingredients on the website, so you can check if foods are approved before you order them. I've been buying from them for about a year and haven't been disappointed yet!

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Thank you MonicaJ, there are 2 drop points that are relatively close to me, I will have to check them out!

Through local farmers markets, I have found that these farmers are great sources to buy local:

http://www.mishfarms.com/  in Gibsonia 

http://www.weirmeat.com/ in Murrysville 

http://loganfamilyfarmsllc.com/index.html in Irwin 

Logan Family Farms website said something about homegrown forage and grains, but their beef is dry aged for 21 days and tastes hands down the best I've ever had.  Mish and Weir's cows are grass fed.  

Looking forward to checking out http://www.yourfamilyfarmer.com/, delmonicos are my favorite cut :) 

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