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Started Dec 28th, first time doing Whole30

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Hello my name is Christine, also know as Blondie (biker nick name).

This is my first go round with Whole30. I first heard of it on December 18, bought Food Freedom Forever on the 19th and quickly realized this was the next thing for me to do to regain my health and feel better. The book Food Freedom Forever, tho I am only about 3/4 of the way through it, really spoke to me and my struggles. Back in 2012 I reached my ideal weight, since then dealing with the demon of being a stress eater and making the choice of junk foods and fast foods as my crutch I put all the weight back on. My relationship with food is not a good one and Food Freedom Forever helped me stop some of that bad self talk and bad way of viewing food. I love to now view food as a healthy option and a less healthy option, so much better than saying the food is good or the food is bad. I am proud to say that I am now on day 5, with one minor learning curve on day 4. I went out to breakfast and had ham with my breakfast. Not realizing that ham is usually cured with sugar, my sister who has done Whole30 before and basically lives this way, mentioned this to me. After she told me this, I called the restaurant to find out and yes it is cured with sugar. My sister was quick to point out this is a learning curve and not a huge deal in the bigger picture of this all. Learning what to ask and what to look for with those hidden ingredients will be probably the hardest things for me. Oh yeah except for the fact that I can't weigh myself for the 30 days. Not weighing myself for 30 days is sort of a relief as I have been a slave to the scale for many many years. In just the 4 days that I completed I can feel a difference in my jeans and I am loving that.

The photo's I have shows where I was at in 2012 and where I am at today. My goal is to have a good relationship with food and feel good about myself again!



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