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Starting January 2nd - Excited!


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Hi everyone, I will be starting with you all on Jan 2nd!  I had done a generic low carb type thing a few years back with some friends, and had a lot of success, but wasn't able to stick with it.  I am in a much better space now, and I've read "It Starts with Food" and the "Whole30" (and I have "Food Freedom Forever" on my reading pile).  I'm really excited to start January 2nd with everyone on then January Whole30! - I did my pantry clean-out and week 1 meal planning on Friday 30th, and then Whole30 food shopping on Saturday 31st.  Then today I spent time preparing by roasting a chicken to make protein salad and bone broth, and making sauces and such for the week ahead.  I also took a few 0 day pictures and last pop onto the scale. I'm excited and really looking forward to the next 30 days!

I'm hoping for less random joint pain, more energy and motivation for daily exercise, and seeing if my constant stuffy nose is caused by something I am eating.  Also hoping to put a stop to seemingly random AM migraines.  Would be nice to lose some weight too ;-)

I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here and joining in the Whole30.

~Blessings to all for a good start on Monday and a strong 30 days ahead!

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