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CAS Year of Health Whole 30


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Time to get my @#it together! What better way than to start off 2017 with a reset - Whole30 style.  After a month (ok, maybe more) of decadence, and lots of sugar...plus a doctor visit with warnings of needing to go onto medicine...it's time to fix this once and for all.  This is my second Whole 30 - the first was very successful and really not all that hard - I even lasted for another week and a half before caving - and then cave I did!  So - here we go!  I decided to go ahead and start on January 1st - might as well take the bull by the horns!  

I food prepped yesterday and had a successful day 1.  Food prep for the week:

BF - eggs, sausage and roasted potatoes

Meal 1 - buffalo chicken (made in my new instapot :) ) on salad

Meal 2 - pork stir fry with lots of veggies

That will get me through Friday when I will have time to cook to get through the weekend.  I have hard boiled eggs, olives, LaraBars as quick and easy snacks - although I'm hoping not to need them.

Other goals for this period - get my 10k steps in every day, daily ROMWOD plus CF 5-6 days. 


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