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W30 Second Time Around - Started January 1


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This is my second Whole30 but a lot has changed since my first round.  I moved from a big city with access to Trader Joe's, multiple grocery store chains, Whole Foods, a local Co-Op, easy options for dining out on Whole30, and a decently sized kitchen to a small, rural Midwest town that knows how to eat and drink.  My biggest struggle in my new environment is that there are not a lot of options in terms of shopping (Walmart mostly) and my kitchen is tiny! On the plus side, I have found a butcher that sources locally and someone at work sells eggs for $1.50 a dozen and you can tell they are fresh. 

I want to do this Whole30 for myself, so I can fix my relationship with food.  I'm trying to be more mindful when I eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I am also journaling this time around.  Good luck to everyone else committed to the January Whole30!

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